Star Wars: X-Wing 2E Launch Party and Tournament on 9/22!

Come out to The Wandering Dragon on Saturday, September 22nd to celebrate the new edition of Star Wars: X-Wing starting with a Launch Party at 2:30pm, followed by a Tournament at 4:45pm!

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The release of X-Wing Second Edition is fast approaching—and so is your chance to take part in the opening exchanges!

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The Core Set and the first wave of starship expansions are available to order now and pick up at The Wandering Dragon starting next Thursday, September 13 and then on Saturday, September 22nd, we are going to be showing off this awesome new edition!

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2:30pm: Star Wars: X-Wing Launch Party

RSVP for the Launch Party Here!

There’s a lot to celebrate in this second edition, and you can celebrate along with other aces the world over by heading to The Wandering Dragon and taking part in an X-Wing Second Edition Launch Party!

Take Your Seat in the Cockpit

The perfect chance to gain your introduction—or re-introduction—to the game’s thrilling, squad-based battles, each X-Wing Second Edition Launch Party consists of three separate events—the Flight Training quiz, Quick Build Battle, and Squad Builder Startup.

These events arm you with the rules, get you to your ships, and then thrust you into the middle of the galaxy’s greatest starfighter dogfights. Even better, each of these events comes with a custom reward—an extended art version of one or more of the Core Set ship cards (while supplies last)!

You’ll get your first taste of the second edition action during the Flight Training event. Prep your ship, prove you’re ready to enter the cockpit, and you can claim an extended art Blue Squadron Escort (while supplies last).

Win or lose, your first Quick Build Battle is certain to help you gain the experience you need to succeed in the future—as well as an extended art Academy Pilot ship card (while supplies last).

Demonstrate your ability to assemble your squadron with the X-Wing squad builder app (or website), and you’ll walk out of the Launch Party with a double-sided, extended art version of Luke Skywalker and an Obsidian Squadron Pilot (while supplies last).

Whether you participate in one or all of these events, these cards will ensure that when you next scramble your fighters, you’ll do so in eye-popping fashion.

Right after the Launch Party, get your list together and give it a shot in The Wandering Dragon’s first Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition Tournament at 4:45pm!


4: 45pm: Star Wars: X-Wing 2E Tournament

RSVP for the Tournament Here!

Entry Fee: $10

3 Games

75 Minute Rounds

Prizes: Wandering Dragon Gift Cards!

Cards and ships from the 2E Starter and Wave 1 Expansions only (Reaper, Saws Renegades, TIE fighter, TIE Advanced, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Slave I, Protectorate, and Lando’s Falcon). No conversion kits will be allowed for this tournament.

Order Your Star Wars: X-Wing 2E Product Here!

Each $10 Entry Fee will be added to Prize Pool. Gift Card payout determined by number of players.

Meetup registration recommended.