Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG: Mission Impossible

Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG: Mission Impossible Campaign is open for new players starting on Friday, February 15th!

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Star Wars: Mission Impossible

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In the wake of the recent destruction of the first Death Star, it is more dangerous to be a Rebel than ever. But the fight must continue! Be part of a fledgling Rebel cell in the heart of the Empire controlled space. Your mission is to build your Rebel cell, gather restricted intel, develop supporters and assets, and disrupt the Imperial works in any and every way possible. May the force be with you.

This game is a mash up of Star Wars, Mission Impossible, The Americans FX TV Show and Bladerunner!

Take on the sinister Galactic Empire as a member of the Rebel Alliance. Wage guerilla warfare across the Star Wars galaxy as a solider, or provide crucial intelligence to the Rebels as a cunning spy. Face down legions of stormtroopers, steal secret plans and restricted codes, and stay on target in the fight against the ultimate power in the universe. No matter what role in the Rebellion you take, the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands!

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The Rebellion carries on its heroic fight against the Empire, even though the odds are against them. Rogue Squadron has dealt the Empire a few setbacks, but they can’t have all the fun. The Alliance is forming a new squadron.

Do you have what it takes?

If you like intense space battles, tinkering with ships, and freeing the galaxy from tyranny, you will love being a part of this campaign.

Hope to see you there and may the force be with you.