Star Wars X-Wing: 2019 Event #1 – Quick Build

Star Wars X-Wing: 2019 Event #1 – Quick Build

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– Date: Saturday, Feb 23rd at 5pm

– Format: Quick Build with maximum Threat 6. Quick Build threat levels can be found on the FFG Product page for X-Wing under Support > Quick Builds, or in the expansions that have been purchased.

– Rounds: 3 rounds, 75 minutes

– Fee: $10 entry

– Prizes: Quick Build alternate art cards (Blackout, Foreman Proach, and Greer Sonnel) and metal Force tokens as participation to everyone (3 tokens max per person), but additional items such as Epsilon Squadron Cadet (top 16) and Heroic (top 8) can be earned if you win more games. Place in the top 2 and you will earn yourself a double-sided plastic card with Epsilon Squadron Cadet on one side, and Heroic on the other.

– Players: 16 players max

For more information about the kit contents, please refer to the FFG article.

Patronage Card (Engine Upgrade)
Make an X-Wing purchase or preorder and receive the Engine Upgrade Alternate Art Card!