The Dragon is Giving Everyone The Bird!


No really. The Wandering Dragon is BRANCHing out and bringing a new hobby to downtown Plainfield! A hobby, that studies have proven, improves your health and may even help you live longer! Better health, longer life = more time to play games. Yeah, you’re welcome.


We have been hard at work the last few weeks rearranging the shoppe so that we can bring this brand new venture to The Wandering Dragon within the next few weeks!

NESTled inside The Dragon, Thistle & Twig-Wild Bird and Nature Shoppe will bring an extensive selection of Wild Bird Houses, Feeders, Baths and Seed; along with Fountains, Optics, Chimes, Nature Gifts and more to downtown Plainfield! Thistle & Twig will coexist harmoniously, side by side with The Wandering Dragon and offer yet another great hobby to our community.

Laura, Elias and I have been trying to open a wild bird store even before we opened The Dragon, but that idea was put on the back burner because of… well, you know…games. 😉 When we finally decided to move forward last year, we were looking for another location to house Thistle & Twig but then thought, why not just add another fun, unique hobby to an already great location. The signing of our new, extended lease, helped us seal the deal and so we are realizing yet another dream in Thistle & Twig.

We are so thrilled to finally introduce this amazing, relaxing hobby to not only The Dragon family, but the rest of our community. We hope you will be as excited as we are and visit, Thistle & Twig at The Wandering Dragon coming soon!