The Wandering Dragon’s 2019 KeyForge Prime Championship!

Wander with The Dragon to Louis Joliet Mall for the 2019 KeyForge Prime Championship!  The Wandering Dragon is excited to have been chosen to be one of the select few to host the 2019 KeyForge Prime Championship. This event will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at the Louis Joliet Mall!

“We get it, you’re the best. Now come out and fight!”
–Gron Nine-Toes

Date: Saturday, November 2nd
Time: 11:00 AM Start (Registration begins at 10:00 AM)
Where: Louis Joliet Mall (Mall Entrance by TGI Fridays with Event Being Held Under the Digi-Tree)

Format: Archon (Solo)

Cost: $20.00

Come play for the honor of your houses in our KeyForge Prime Championship! Bring your favorite Archon deck and be ready for a day of battle.


We will play several Swiss-paired rounds (the number depends on turnout, but likely around 6). Swiss rounds will be 35-minutes long and consist of best-of-one game matches.

After Swiss rounds we will cut to a Top 8, who will play 90-minute, single-elimination, best-of-three game matches. If we have over 78 players, we will cut to a Top 16

The final match will be 120-minutes and best-of three games.

Players are expected to follow official tournament regulations found here:


~ This is an Advanced Structure event.
~ This is a Competitive event. See the Fundamental Event Document.
~ Opaque sleeves are required for all player decks.

Welcome, KeyForge players! Hold on to your æmber, you’re in for a wild ride!

As the tier above Store Championships, Prime Championships are open events that draw in talented players from all over to compete for the chance of becoming a Prime Champion. With an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship on the line, Prime Championships form a central part of the Organized Play path that leads to the World Championship. As you face other Archons in a race to unlock precious vaults, not only can you test your might against some of the best players in your area, you may even forge new friendships along the way!

No matter which of the KeyForge houses you represent at a Prime Championship, these events are certain to challenge your abilities as an Archon. Reveal your true unbridled power and forever leave your mark on the Crucible by becoming a Prime Champion!

Something is amiss.

The air pulses and stings. The ground begins to tremble. Above in the atmosphere, a storm unlike any other grows and swells, inescapable and all-consuming. Tears in the very fabric of reality begin to form and start to swallow all forms of life as this turbulent monster begins its descent on the Crucible! Amidst this pandemonium, the insatiable Archons remain undeterred in their pursuit of hidden Vaults. It’s during moments like these that the Archons are willing to risk everything for the chance to uncover these priceless treasures.

Archons, the time has come to show off your talents at the upcoming Prime Championships! These KeyForge tournaments are a central part of the Organized Play path that leads to the World Championship and offer a more competitive environment that will challenge your abilities as a player. Forming the tier above Store Championships, Prime Championships draw talented players from all around to compete for amazing prizes and the chance of becoming a Prime Champion.

At stake at these events, you’ll find a whole host of prizes, including tokens, deckboxes, playmats, keys, and of course, Æmbershards! In addition, the one Archon who claims victory will earn an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship! And of course, Prime Championship events also serve as a great way to earn more Power Levels on your chosen deck, with the Top 8 decks advancing to Power Level 2 and the decks of both finalists rising to Power Level 4. Now, brace yourself for the coming cataclysm and fight for these electrifying prizes!


For simply participating in a Prime Championship, players will have ten Æmbershards added to their Master Vault. Then, for every win, players receive an additional five ‘shards. The one Archon who ascends above all others and claims the title of Prime Champion gains a bonus 75 Æmbershards! Not only that, but based on your overall placement, you may also receive a sizable bonus of Æmbershards. For example, players who place within the Top 8 will get a bonus of 20 ‘shards, while players in the Top 4 will get a bonus of 30 ‘shards! As you can see, you can quickly rack up these precious gems at a Prime Championship.

Top 16

Each player who places in the Top 16 will receive a pack of five blue acrylic stun tokens. These tokens will certainly come in handy, whether you’re using commonly played action cards like Tremor or Blinding Light, or using the abilities of creatures like Pip Pip or the mighty Zorg. Of course, you can also be on the receiving end of these effects, which may force you to use these tokens in less… ideal situations. Players in the Top 16 will also receive a crimson-colored deckbox with brand-new KeyForge artwork. These deckboxes also feature a designated area on the side of the deckbox where you can mark your deck’s factions.

Top 8 and Top 4

Players in the Top 8 will receive a playmat illustrating a nefarious looking creature that some inhabitants of the Crucible refer to simply as The Grim Reaper. Though not much is known about this ghastly entity, one thing is certain: it is dangerous and volatile. There have been recent claims about a number of disappearances, and The Grim Reaper is believed to be the cause. If spotted, this creature should not be trifled with under any circumstances! Furthermore, the players who manage to make their way into the Top 4 of a Prime Championship will receive a sizable deckbox that’s able to hold multiple Archon decks.


Regardless of which Archon claims victory in the end, both finalists receive a set of metal key tokens. The unforged side of these keys features the symbol of Prime Championships, denoting your impressive results at this competitive KeyForge event.


The player who earns the title of Prime Champion will win a playmat featuring artwork of a crackling dragon that’s surging with raw, unbridled power. This behemoth will have a profound impact on any other creature, and it’s sure to even instill fear in Archons. It’s even possible that this beast is solely responsible for the mayhem that has enveloped the surroundings. The Prime Champion will also receive an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship in the form of a Dominator Bauble! Truly a worthy reward for a player that dominated the competition.


Save the date and stay tuned for more details coming soon! The Wandering Dragon’s KeyForge Prime Championship will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at Louis Joliet Mall!