LE Blood Rage Digital/Physical Bundle is Now Available at The Wandering Dragon!

LE Blood Rage Digital/Physical Bundle


Blood Rage Digital is set to faithfully recreate the amazing experience of the tabletop game inside your computer, available for both Windows and Mac OS in EnglishGermanFrenchItalian, and Spanish. The universe of the board game has been recreated and adapted to the digital realm, taking full advantage of this new medium.


The game features stunning visuals set to enhance your viking experience. The Midgard play area is brought to life, with waves crashing against the fjords as the gargantuan World Serpent endlessly circles the blue vastness. Each region has its own climate, topography, trees and villages. And at the center of it all stands a beautiful representation of the great Yggdrasil tree!


Network play will allow up to 4 people to play together, choosing their clans and battling for glory. Alternatively, the single-player mode will pit your wits against cunning AI opponents, with several different personalities/strategies you can choose from to experience different challenges. You can even mix things up, with both virtual and real opponents joining the fray.


The interface is slick an intuitive, so veterans and newcomers alike will be pillaging in no time, with the aid of tutorials and easily-accessible rules references.


Physical Board Game Exclusive Promos included in the LE Bundle:

Since Blood Rage first arrived, it has solidified its place in the pantheon of must-have modern board games. However, since the vast majority of Blood Rage fans didn’t discover the game until well after the initial release, they never had a chance to get the exclusive promos that were offered back in 2015. Now to celebrate the Digital version of this amazing game, Alternate versions of the original promos are included in this exclusive Digital/Physical Bundle, with new names, art, and sculpts, but retaining the same gameplay characteristics.

Please note that to play with the following promos, you will require a Blood Rage Core Box which is also available separately, at The Wandering Dragon.


The proud Stag Clan shows that viking women are every bit as fierce as the men. This set not only adds more diversity to your games, complete with sculpted Clan Tokens and Mystic figures (requires the Mystics of Midgard expansion to use), but it also comes with 8 extra cards for each Age, so that the board game can be played with 5 players!


The Stag Clan comes with everything you need to add it to your board game, expanding it to 5 players:

  • 1 Leader Figure
  • 8 Warrior Figures (featuring 2 different sculpts)
  • 2 Mystic Figures
  • 1 Ship Figure
  • 4 Sculpted Clan Tokens
  • 1 Glory Marker
  • 13 Small Colored Bases
  • 2 Large Colored Bases
  • 1 Clan Dashboard
  • 1 Mystic Reference Card
  • 24 5-Players Cards (8 for each Age)

The Golden Gods of Asgard is an exclusive deluxe version of the classic expansion, where the gods occupy different provinces, affecting the basic rules of the game and creating unique dynamics to each session of the game. The deluxe version includes resculpted, oversized, golden figures for each of the original gods, as well as Hel, a brand-new God of Asgard to carry on the original game effect of Hili, a previously released exclusive promo.




LE Blood Rage Oversized Playmat Board also available and sold separately!

Image result for blood rage playmat"

Exclusive LE Oversized Playmat Board for Blood Rage! Includes one neoprene play mat which integrates Game Board, Age Track Sheet, and Valhalla Sheets. Requires Blood Rage core game to play (not included).

“Life is Battle; Battle is Glory; Glory is ALL”

The LE Oversized Blood Rage Playmat Board is made of neoprene! While the original board had enough space to fit all the figures, this board increases the size of the board from its original 56 x 56 cm to 90 x 65 cm, to not only give it a more impressive presentation, but also to integrate the Age Track, and the Valhalla Sheets!