The Wandering Dragon Online Store is Live!

We are still here and keeping up with all of the updates and guidelines and doing all we can to keep things rolling. Thanks again to all of you for your support, kind words and helping us to continue this shared passion. When this is all over, you are all getting a really big hug. 😉

Okay, now on to some pretty cool news! We have finally started rolling out The Wandering Dragon’s online store! Now you can shop The Wandering Dragon from the comfort of your home and have all of her Board Games, Miniatures, Paints, Puzzles and Roleplaying Games delivered same day directly to your door!*

Keep in mind, the online store is not even close to what it will finally be, but it’s a start. For instance, for this first wave, we concentrated on adding mostly just Core Sets and not every single expansion that is available for each of the Core Sets. So until we get our full inventory loaded into our online system (wow, there are a lot of games, bits and bobs at The Dragon), please know that if we do carry the Core Set, we more than likely will have the Expansions as well. Just send us an email to ask about availability and we can add them to your order.

Another example is our paint lines. We carry all P3, Army Painter and Citadel Paints and Accessories, but at the moment we do not have every single sku loaded in our system. At the moment, we were able to enter the Citadel and Army Painter lines. We’ll hopefully get the P3 entered by the end of the week.

This is going to take some time, so please be patient and know that we are working hard at eventually getting every single bit of The Wandering Dragon loaded and available from our website. Keep checking back as we’ll be entering items daily.

We are moving fast on this so if you find any mistakes, please feel free to let us know and we’ll get it fixed, but again, please be patient.

The encouraging part of all that is happening around us right now, is that not only are we able to spend some time knocking out yet another project on ever growing Wandering Dragon Checklist and hopefully make her that much better, but that we are also able to actually spend some time together as a family… and actually play some games. We are doing our best at keeping the cursing to a minimum and no punches have been thrown yet… as of yesterday anyway. So far, so good. We are really looking forward to jumping back into the games we love and then on to those we have been waiting to tear open. Heck, we have been able to get back to painting the pile of minis that keep growing (Oh my gosh, Shadows of Brimstone, slow down already) over the past few years.

If anything, try to enjoy this time together. Focus on what makes all of us and this escape we all love, so special.

Once again, thank you for all you do for us! Stay safe, have fun and get ready for those inevitable hugs.

The Wandering Dragon


*Free same day delivery is available on all orders of at least $50 if place by 2:00pm that day. Please email Info@WanderingDragon with any questions.

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  • Awesome guys! Love it! Thank you so much for being a safe place for all of us to play, purchase, and perform all of these hobbies of ours. This store rocks and I can’t wait to come again in person! Until then I look forward to checking out the online store!