Company of Heroes War Crate Bundle Is Now available at The Wandering Dragon!

The Company of Heroes War Crate Bundle just arrived at The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe! Limited Painted Bundle available later this month!

Company of Heroes 4 Player Core Set

Company of Heroes the board game is based on the video game from Relic/Sega. It closely captures the choices, tactics and mission strategies of the videogame. In teams, or as individuals, players will maneuver units and battle for control points to collect manpower, munitions and fuel. Players spend these resources to construct new buildings, purchase units and upgrade abilities, eventually unlocking the powerful end-game units of their nation. To win, players will either attempt to collect enough victory points before their opponent does or totally annihilate the enemy’s base.

A board game ‘port’ that attempts to capture the strategy, choices and fun of the beloved video games. Players maneuver units from one of four factions to secure resource points, grow their economy, unlock buildings and purchase and upgrade new units. Player’s eventually unleash their team’s powerful end game forces to help secure enough victory points or annihilate the enemy base buildings to win.

From fog of war, utilizing cover and buildings, flanking armor, spotting, combining multi-unit tactics, veteran upgrades, deciding what units to purchase and what buildings to unlock; this project distills many elements we fans love about Company of Heroes into a streamlined board game experience.

This game involves squad level tactical movement but also focuses heavily on securing, collecting and spending resources to purchase new buildings, units and upgrades.

Solo/Cooperative Expansion

The Solo & Cooperative pack allows you to now play the Company of Heroes Board Game solo or with a partner! Featuring a unique fog of war and AI reaction system, overcome 10 pre-set scenarios and challenges, or dive into a fully functioning free-play system like the video games’ AI multiplayer!

Elite Commander’s Collection

The big boys of the armored divisions! Featuring the elite specialty vehicles and commanders that we could not fit into the Core Set. Featuring 2 unique vehicles for each nation faction. Includes the King Tiger, JagdPanther, IS-3 Heavy Tank, KV-2 Assault Tank, British Comet Tank, Sexton Motorized Artillery, US Pershing Heavy Tank and the US Sherman Calliope. Along with 2 variations of each Commander to unlock new abilities and upgrades.

Oberkommando West Expansion

This is a faction pack that allows you to play with a different type of German faction. This faction focuses on mobility and its light vehicles as well as the ability to create bases anywhere on the map. Note that this is not a 5th player expansion.

World Builder Pack

The World Builder Pack provides 2 double sided map panels (Summer River and Winter Plains). These maps have detailed art but have been left primarily open so they can be freely modified. This pack includes 48 double sided terrain tokens that allow you to modify the existing maps of the Core Set or create new ones. These components will be very useful in using the online map and scenario releases planned for after launch.

The winter side maps will tile well with Stalingrad and Hill 331 while the summer maps will tile with Trois Ponts and Monastery.

This set introduces unique structures that provide benefits to units inside as well as elevation features.

Stug Assault Pack

The STUG Assault Pack includes 4 STUG Assault Guns, 6 Elite Infantry Dice Markers, 2 Wehrmacht Commanders, 2 Oberkommando Commanders.

Terrain Pack 1

Bring the Battlefield to Your Table. Deploy infantry into buildings and construct field defenses to alter the tactical landscape. Elevate your Company of Heroes experience with terrain miniatures for every map!

Watch the battlefield unfold on your table with Terrain Pack 1. Featuring large buildings, flag poles, flags, sandbags, razor wire, and tank traps, Terrain Pack 1 will bring every map to life as players fight for control.

Solidify your claim to resources with team colored flags, create defensive positions with sandbags, and block the enemies advance with razor wire and tank traps. 
Components(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)
9 x Sandbags9 x Tank Traps6 x Razor Wire9 x Buildings13 x Flag Poles12 x Red Flags12 x Green Flags

Larger Buildings Adjustment
The buildings have been adjusted to a larger size. The advantage to the rectangular building is they are closer to scale and, to most people, they are cosmetically more appealing and on theme. They feature nice cut-outs to hold building health dice more securely (the health dice can more easily fall out of the hexagonal buildings) and include added fog of war functionality

Terrain Pack 2

Bring the hilltop monastery, impenetrable bunkers, and ruined cities of Company of Heroes to your table with Ruins of War: Terrain Pack 2!

This terrain pack features expanded gameplay championed by a dynamic cathedral miniature. Battle within the walls of the massive cathedral for control of resources, and ascend the tower to spot distant enemies. Be careful, if the enemy destroys the cathedral tower, your troops will fall to a swift death.

The US troops have secured the Cathedral and can see much of the battlefield. But, when the enemy destroys the tower, it is replaced with the broken tower and the US troops are killed.

Guard your defenses with large bunkers, which offer greater defense against enemy incursions. These heavily armored defense points offer more defense than a building and can be used as anindestructible fortress or a high health garrison.

And, fill the map with the rubble of conquest, using the destroyed buildings as tactical obstacles.

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

1 x Cathedral Base
1 x Cathedral Extension
1 x Cathedral Tower
1 x Cathedral Ruined Tower
2 x Bunkers
6 x Destroyed Buildings

War Crate

The War Crate is fitted with a hinged lid and is large enough to hold a PM All-in pledge PLUS an extra 2 player set (to add 5-6 players). This full load-out will require some slight consolidation of products however like the Solo/Cooperative expansion components.
This crate is designed to hold the full boxes of all your different CoH Board Game products. It is also possible to remove the boxes and use the crate as one single large box but this will require some extra packing to keep everything secure. Most components come in lidded trays so that helps.