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Lead your clan, get to the Steam Columns before the others, manage the geothermal resources and overcome the opposing nomadic clans.

Steamwatchers unfolds in a frozen Europa, broken by an ice age that followed a brutal water level increase. In those hostile conditions, nomadic clans struggle to survive with the regular and puzzling outbreak of steam columns everywhere on the continent. These columns are a testament to intense subterranean heat sources. They free earth from the grasp of ice and allow mankind to grow food once again. These oases of heat are vital for survival…and, unfortunately, only transient. To make things worse, a strange sickness spreads around them: The Bane. It affects both mind and body, and to this day, no cure has been found. Handling it is necessary to the survival of the clans.

Bundle includes:Steamwatchers Core Game

  • 1 Game Board (60x90cm)
  • 7 clans (Highlimmer Apostles, Rhein-Stamm, Menrâu, Rhone Conglomerate, Free Fleet, Western Alliance) – each clan has: 1
  • Dashboard, 16 minis, Combat Wheel, Tokens, player help card
  • 92 Algofuel Barrels (pure and contraband)
  • 10 Morale Cubes
  • 1 turn tracker token
  • 1 Conclave overlay tile
  • 1 Death and Exile tile
  • 40 Farm miniatures (+3 Menrâu farms)
  • 15 Turret miniatures
  • 45 Steam Column Levels
  • 35 Quarantine Tokens
  • 18 Archon Cards
  • 3 Scenario Cards
  • 49 Steam Column Cards
  • 6 Deployment Cards
  • 1 rulebook

Steamwatchers: Fuel For War Expansion

  • 7 Unique Leader miniatures
  • 21 Gear cards
  • 14 Strength tokens
  • 1 Strength track
  • 6 New Archon Cards
  • 1 rulebook with 2 new scenarios

Warchiefs can stay in the Conclave to lead in politics, or raze the battlefield with all the power they amassed!

With Fuel For War, the clan warchiefs set Europa ablaze. They may stay in the Conclave to accrue more and more power, but can leave for the frozen battlefields, bolstering their army and boasting an incredible strength. However, should they stay too long in their seat, they will find only ashes. Each warchief has access to 3 unique Gear cards that enable powerful strategies! When your warchief descends on the battlefield, they equip a card, and they can trash it and equip another at the end of each round.

Steamwatchers: Spark of Hope

  • 21 Caravan trucks
  • 5 Caravan boards
  • 26 tech kits
  • 6 New Archon cards
  • 1 rulebook with 2 scenarios

With Spark of Hope, you ‘ll be able to use mobile structures, the Caravans, to make your Clan stronger and more influential. Have your Caravans evolve each turn to gain even more adaptability. But beware, only Careeners can build them and they will certainly remind you of what you owe them.

Spark of Hope is all about a new type of miniature: Caravans. Each player starts with a caravan of three trucks, and a matching additional dashboard. These vehicles are like mobile structures, and you will want to rush the best tech kits the Careeners can produce. Demand is high, offer is low: control Havens and build or upgrade those kits to outfit your caravan with offensive abilities or create a more sustainable environment for the clans. Beware, for if you lose fights with your Caravan, you’ll have to leave a truck and a kit behind…

Steamwatchers: Peace With Wolves

  • 21 Diplomacy Cards
  • 21 Treaty tokens
  • 6 New Archon Cards
  • 14 Plastic Tech Support miniature bases
  • 3 Double Deployment cards
  • 1 Rule Book with 4 scenarios

Alliances make everyone stronger, but do not forget betrayal is one-sided.

Peace with Wolves contains two modules: the Diplomacy module, and the Vassal Clan module.

With the Diplomacy module, trade Diplomacy cards to benefit from other Clans’ technologies. Alliances make everyone stronger, but do not forget betrayal is one-sided: you wield the blade and can betray on a whim… or be betrayed!

This expansion also contains a new game mode: the Vassal Clan mode for 2-3 players, in which you control a minor version of a clan in addition to your main one.

Steamwatchers can handle up to 5 players normally, but at lower player counts, this expansion facilitates an “Ally” mode for each of the clans in the game. In this mode, each player at the table controls two Clans. This provides a unique opportunity for a crowded map at a not-so-crowded table. All ally cards have an alternate side for increased variability.

This expansion also includes new scenarios and new Archon cards to add to the game.