Marvel Dice Throne LE, Legendary Kingdom, YAK, New Citadel Paints, Exit, Fluxx, Marvel Champions and More!

Marvel Dice Throne LE Champion Edition Battle Chest(Available Now!)

In Marvel Dice Throne, you become one of eight of Marvel’s most famous heroes, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Loki, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Miles Morales Spider-Man! Every Marvel Dice Throne hero was painstakingly designed and balanced to provide the most thematic experience possible, allowing you to truly embody your favorite heroes like no other game. Featuring all-new mechanisms and asymmetrical designs, these are our most innovative and exciting heroes yet.

Marvel Dice Throne is a heart-pumping, fast-playing game of skilled card play and dice manipulation supporting multiple modes of play, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all. 

Attack your opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero’s unique set of five dice. Accumulate combat points and spend them on cards that have a large range of effects, such as granting permanent hero upgrades, applying status effects, and manipulating dice directly (yours, your teammate’s, or even your opponent’s).

  • All 8 heroes are compatible with the entire Dice Throne ecosystem
  • Use upgrade cards to improve your hero abilities as the game progresses
  • Play action cards strategically to manipulate dice and surprise your foe
  • Features a deluxe, highly functional, Battle Chest storage system
  • Each hero in the Battle Chest has their own beautiful set of custom swirl dice

8 × Folding Hero Boards
40 × Premium Acrylic Swirl Dice
1 × Rulebook
268 × Hero Cards
8 × Hero Leaflets
8 × Hero Health Dials
3 × Tile Sheets
8 × Combat Point (CP) Dials

LE Components Also Included:

Promo Pack

Zinc Metal Mjolnir Hammer Companion Token

Limited Edition Numbering

Synthetic Loki Illusion Cards

Custom Colored Vac Trays To Match Each Hero’s Dice Color

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New Citadel Contrasts and Shades (Available on Saturday 7/16)

New Citadel Contrast Paints (Available on Saturday 7/16)

These are some of the brightest and boldest colors yet, including fiery reds and oranges, icy blues, and vibrant greens and purples. They all go up for pre-order this Saturday, so clear some space on your shelves* and start dreaming up new ways to put the expanded range to use.

New Citadel Shades (Available on Saturday 7/16)

Everyone loves Shade paints. Slather them on to transform your models from flat and lifeless to gritty, grimy, and ready for battle. And get this – the paint experts at Citadel Color have found a way to improve on perfection.

All Shade paints have been reformulated to flow better, settling into the recesses while adding a bit less pigment to flat surfaces, making them even more useful.

In addition to reformulating these beloved paints (and don’t fret, they’re the same great colours – they just go on smoother and better than ever before) they went ahead and added seven new Shade paints to the range!

New White Scar Spray (Available on Saturday 7/16)

Sometimes you just need a crisp, bright white undercoat to give your model the perfect start – and that’s where the new White Scar Spray comes in. It’s the perfect compliment to the existing sprays – Grey Seer offers a wonderful cool white, and Wraithbone a rich, creamy base – and now the trinity is complete! White Scar gives you that brilliant white base you’ve always wanted.

Though White Scar has been formulated to have the same silky-smooth texture as Grey Seer and Wraithbone – ideal for Contrast – it works with any paint. It gives you a perfectly blank canvas that works well for bright, punchy paint schemes. You’ll be able to pre-order it along with the new Contrast and Shade paints this Saturday.

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Legendary Kingdoms (Available Now!)

An epic, choose-your-own-adventure-style gamebook series set in a sandbox fantasy world.

Prepare for an adventure in this huge open-world gamebook series. Legendary Kingdoms is a roleplaying campaign, where you lead a party of adventurers in a world that adapts to your actions. Venture into ancient ruins, pick a side and lead an army into battle, sail the high seas on your own warship, defeat tyrants or bring them to power. Along the way your party will increase in skill, wealth, and renown, allowing them to take on more challenging adventures. Reach the heights of power and you may uncover a dreadful threat to the world itself and go on a mission that spans all six gamebooks in the series.

Book 1: The Valley of Bones takes place in a desert wilderness where tyrant kings oppress the teeming masses in a land strewn with ancient artifacts and ruins. But their grip on power is fragile… and the citizenry is ripe for revolution. It is a land of blood and sand, where civilization is rare and terrible beasts roam freely.

Book 2: Crown and Tower takes place in the high-medieval realm of Longport Bay, torn apart by the struggle for power between two noble families. Baron Baldwin Dayne lies dying, and his children must grasp the mantle of power, or see their family destroyed forever. Ancient ruins await plunder and exploration, and savage armies hang on the borders, waiting for the county to weaken itself with its incessant warring. Glittering steel, the flash of long forgotten magics, and terrible monsters all wait to be found as you build your strength for the final confrontation.

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YAK (Available Now!)

The village elder gave you the task of constructing a great stone tower to help the merchants and their yaks find your village in the Himalayas. Players will have to build their stone towers by acquiring stones from specific merchants visiting their village. However, the dense fog in these regions can disorient the yaks and make your construction plan fall apart.

So, You’ve Been Eaten Collector’s Edition (Available Now!)

So, you’ve been eaten. Don’t worry, this is simply an occupational hazard. In fact, it is fairly common among Deep Space Miners (5th class), and some say that it is almost unavoidable. And, well, it is. Especially since the crystals that you seek happen to be inside giant space beasts. To mine them, you need to, well, be eaten.

But, no reason to panic. We are here to help you deal with the physical and mental challenges of being eaten. This handy simulation/survival guide is standard issue for all recruits and will eventually lead to a productive, if not potentially brief, career in space mining. In So, You’ve Been Eaten, a Miner collects crystals from inside the stomach of a giant space Beast. The Beast digests the Miner, using Bacteria and Immune Responses. It includes an asymmetric 2-player experience and two different solo modes, as well as a 0-player mode, where the game’s Artificial Intelligences play each other. Designed by Scott Almes and illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya.

  • Hand management
  • Set collection
  • Variable player powers
  • Dice rolling
  • Action points

Game Contents: 

  • 2 double-sided boards
  • 92 cards
  • 16 cardboard tokens
  • 3 custom D6 dice
  • 8 custom-shaped printed acrylic tokens
  • 4 custom-shaped printed wooden tokens

The Collector’s Edition is the all-in premium pledge.It contains all Premium edition items:
– Custom-shaped printed plexiglass Crystals
– Custom-shaped wooden Bacteria
– Dyspepto-Beastmol mini-expansion
– Limited edition custom-shaped printed wooden Robot Miner

It also adds the following limited edition items:
– Triple-layered boards
– A custom-embossed 18mm Digestion die
– 3 custom-shaped clear plexiglass Upgrade tokens
– 3 illustrated tuckboxes for cards & other components
– A cardboard dice tower
– A deeper box to keep all of the above
– UV printing on the box

So You’ve Been Eaten Regular Retail Edition Also Available!

Anime RPG 5E (Available Now!)

In the myriad realms of imagination, there are many dungeons to explore, dragons to tame, and paths to find.

Anime 5E helps you unlock the realms of fantasy to experience them all.

Welcome to Anime 5E – the fantasy role-playing game for all your anime and manga adventures, which builds upon the Fifth Edition rules of “the world’s most popular storytelling game”. This stand-alone role-playing game brings a point-based balance to the standard Fifth Edition offerings, and then layers a wide selection of new races, classes, skills, features, powers, game mechanics, and combat options on top of this foundation. Anime 5E is the beginning of a journey, so hold on tight as we welcome you to your next great fantasy adventure!

Tegel Manor RPG 5E (Available Now!)

First published in 1977, Tegel Manor is the oldest of “Haunted House” adventures in fantasy roleplaying, and probably the very first megadungeon ever published. The Manor is a sprawling edifice of 250+ rooms filled with tricks, traps, puzzles, monsters, and situations both humorous and horrific. The huge manor house has been the curse of its owners, the Rump family, for generations – no matter how many times they have tried to get rid of it, the ownership manages to come back to them.

Infected! RPG (Available Now!)

Infected! Zombie RPG is about far more than just survival, horror and zombies. It spans dozens of genres – political, intrigue, spy, action, suspense, horror, survival, war and more. This is about more than merely surviving day to day – this is the story of humanity climbing out of the ashes. What form will its new society take? Will anarchists and brigands rule, or will decent people bring back an actual civilization worthy of the name?

What choices will you make?

Jordenheim RPG Core Rulebook (Available Now!)

Inside these pages you will discover a Viking-themed universe of myth and magic. Create compelling characters in this detailed yet easy-to-play original tabletop RPG and explore the world featured in the fantasy RPG video game Blood Bond: Into the Shroud from W.R.K.S Games. The Vikings of Jordenheim have coexisted with the creatures of the magical realm of The Shroud for a thousand years. Now, the new religion of Khristianity threatens the supremacy of the Elder Gods. Within this standalone reference book is everything you need to start playing the heroes destined to become legends.

For 2–5 players led by a Game Master, the Jordenheim RPG is based on a fast-paced rule set. The combat uses one roll for attack and damage, with intuitive defence rules–making combat flow while allowing for depth and complexity. The Jordenheim Core Rule Book gives veteran gamers a rich world to build, and offers newbies quick start guides on how to play in no-time. Do you put your faith in the ancient magic of the Elder Gods or the miracles of the Prestur of Khristus? Do you play a mighty Viking warrior, a powerful Witch, or a heretic Priest? Choose your side wisely.

Mazes Fantasy RPG (Available Now!)

MAZES – Fantasy Roleplaying REFORGED. A modern take on the classic fantasy dungeon RPG. With a single polyhedral die and the power of your imagination can you defeat the Maze Controller with swords, sorcery and shadow? Lightning fast and easy to master, Mazes returns us to the dungeons where we first battled dragons with an award-winning, unique approach to fantasy roleplaying. Open the door to adventure – if you’re brave enough.

Kleos (Available Now!)

Equally feared and worshipped by mortals, monsters, and spirits alike, the Olympian Gods sit upon Mount Olympus and watch the world go by. That is, until word of the founding of a new city reaches their ears. Kleos, a city said to rival and eventually surpass even Troy and Athens. Zeus has declared a week-long contest among the gods to decide who shall be the patron god of this city-state. So call forth your champion, ready your armies, and use every divine power you possess to win at all costs. And remember, the gods do not play fair!

Kleos is a lightly asymmetrical game of strategic combat and area control. It combines hex-based combat with your favorite card game elements for a dynamic experience. Join the contest as one of five Greek Olympian Gods – Ares, Artemis, Hermes, Athena, or Dionysus – each with their own unique champion and divine deck.

Kleos features tactical card-play and action management. Play powerful blessings and curses to gain advantage. Summon Minions onto the board or use them as upgrades, serving as mounts or offerings to bolster their allies.

Command your forces during the action phase. Manage Minion actions for combat, area control, and tactical advantage. Send your Minions to the Greek Isles to recruit epic heroes and monsters of legend, such as Medusa, Perseus, and Pegasus. Organize your forces wisely. Positioning is key to victory!

Take the role of a Greek Olympian God, summon your champion, and compete for glory in the eyes of Zeus to be named the patron god of the rising Greek city-state, Kleos!

World -Z League (Available Now!)

The apocalypse has come and gone with the zombies here to stay along with their counter agent: the ZSA. Now dear competitors the Zombie Shooting Association welcomes you to the Z-World League! Choose your team, hide among the rubble and unleash rubber band fueled fury to knock over opposing zombies. Secure the highest earnings and be titled: CHAMPION! A quick and fun game about shooting zombies with rubber bands!

Hunt the Ravager (Available Now!)

A vengeful samurai has risen from beyond the grave, seeking the ruin of the Empress that betrayed him. In search of three imperial treasures, the spirit ravages all in his wake. Now the Empress must call upon her three most trusted hunters to locate the Ravager before he exacts his vendetta.

Hunt the Ravager is an asymmetric, card-driven game of hidden movement where 2-4 players will each take turns as the Ravager or the hunters seeking him. The Ravager will score points for destroying the land and successfully returning treasures to his hidden lair. The hunters will need to quickly locate the Ravager to protect the treasures and minimize the ruin to the Empress’ lands.

Hunt the Ravager

– Hidden movement, card based, asymmetric game for 2-4 players with a feudal Japan theme.
– Beautifully presented with artwork from the acclaimed Andrew Bosley who did the art for Everdell.
– Modular game board and point based rather than binary victory conditions, makes each game played completely unique!

Smash Up Disney (Available Now!)

Players combine unlikely allies and fantastical foes, thanks to all-new Factions from timeless Disney films. Choose two decks, smash them together, and play on their unique abilities to battle against your opponents’ teams and claim bases. Be the first to earn 15 or more Victory Points with these bases at the end of each turn to win!

Sorcerer’s Arena: Turning the Tide Epic Alliance Expansion (Available Now!)

Take your combat skills in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances to all new levels with the Turning the Tide expansion pack! Davy Jones, Moana, and Stitch bring new attacks and abilities true to their characters that will change the course of the Arena’s already epic battles. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances is the ultimate PvP tabletop game for Disney and Pixar fans and gamers where players can build teams out of Disney and Pixar heroes and villains and compete in an expandable, learn-as-you-go battle arena game.

Exit: Shadows Over Middle-earth (Available Now!)

Middle-earth is in grave danger. Frodo and the Fellowship are on their way to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. But they need your help! Make haste and carry out Gandalf’s secret assignments. Can you buy Frodo enough time to reach Mount Doom?

Boss Battle (Available Now!)

Boss Battle is a one versus many tabletop strategy card game featuring many ruthless bosses and four distinctly designed classes of heroes who use their unique skills to duke it out in a casting board system.

The Boss dominates the board throwing out obstacles the heroes must learn to work together to overcome. As the game progresses, heroes level up, and build their deck to adapt to challenges on the casting board. Heroes must think strategically, the Boss only gets stronger as the rounds progress!

With the variety of unique heroes, and bosses with diverse playstyles, players face new challenges every round. No two games are the same. Take pleasure in crushing your friends…and enemies, in Boss Battle! Play 1-4 players in cooperative, competitive or solo gameplay modes!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Available Now!)

This here is the wildest game in the wilderness! Step off the stagecoach and into the cursed mining town of Tumbleweed. Will you find fortune mining the mysterious mountain, or awaken its many dangers? Discover gold-filled veins, grow your mining operations with new equipment, and invest in the town’s businesses. With the right strategy, and a dash of good ol’ fashioned luck, you may strike it rich!

Blood Orders (Available Now!)

In Blood Orders, 2 to 4 opponents will each take on the roles of powerful but disgraced vampires, exiled from a centuries-old order and hoping to build a new underground kingdom of their own in an unfamiliar city. Players will visit locations in disguise to gain resources, perform arcane rituals, and hypnotize the citizenry…but most importantly, they will turn hapless victims into fresh, bloodthirsty vampires under their command!

Building your new Order will involve managing a continuously evolving hand of vampire cards at your command, sending them throughout the city to visit Locations, perform arcane Rituals, bewitch Victims, and recruit new vampires, all over the course of 9 rounds (Days). All of these activities take the form of cards activated by your Order Tokens on the board, allowing you to amass critical resources, perform useful actions, and earn Victory Points. However, as your power grows, so does Fear within the city, making your quest increasingly difficult as the Days go by.

At the end of the 9th Day, the vampire player with the most Victory Points will reign supreme!

Fearsome Wilderness (Available Now!)

Fend off the unnatural fearsome critters of folklore. Endure grueling days and tormented nights in the forest. Time is short. Can you survive with only twelve weeks til winter?
Fearsome Wilderness is a cooperative game in which 1-4 players roll dice and draw cards to ensure their folk heroes survive the horrors of the wilderness. The game can be played in a one-shot single session or as the Twelve Weeks til Winter adventure which spans 12-24 game sessions. Each session in the campaign represents one week as you tell the story of how these folk heroes survived (or perished) during the first 12 weeks before winter and beyond.

Almoravid (Available Now!)

Al-Andalus, 1085. The western jewel of Islam had broken into pieces. The petty Taifa emirs who inherited the once-mighty Caliphate squabbled and fought, then paid the Christian lords Parias in gold to avoid fighting at all. Alfonso VI, Christian king of a unified León and Castilla, could now put his extorted dinars to work. He would muster a great feudal host—not merely for plunder but to rip out the heart of Muslim Spain. He would seize the ancient Visigothic capital of Toledo and with it the great central plain to declare himself imperator of all Iberia.

But Alfonso would find there was fight left in al-Andalus, as Christian strikes radiating from Toledo were too much for even the emirs in their pleasure palaces to bear. Al‑Mutamid of Sevilla, the strongest among them, would risk the Taifa dynasties’ independence and call to arms a Muslim force unlike any that the Christian Kings had faced. Granada and Badajoz would join him to invite the Almoravid fundamentalists in to save the Muslim faithful. Yusuf, Sultan al‑Murabitun, had secured his Berber empire in Africa and seized a port and fleet just across the Mediterranean strait from al-Mutamid’s Algeciras. A titanic campaign for Spain was set to unfold.

Gutenberg (Available Now!)

Gutenberg is a mid-weight strategy game taking place in Europe in the 15th century. Each player takes the role of the printing pioneer trying to build their wealth and fame by developing their production capacity and gaining the support of patrons.

Through bidding for specific actions the players develop their printing workshops, acquire new fonts, inks and decorations. The unique system of rotating gears allows players to combine bonuses and earn large amounts of points. The game lasts six rounds and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Carnegie (Available Now!)

Carnegie was inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie who was born in Scotland in 1835. Andrew Carnegie and his parents emigrated to the United States in 1848. Although he started his career as a telegraphist, his role as one of the major players in the rise of the United States’ steel industry made him one of the richest men in the world and an icon of the American dream.

Andrew Carnegie was also a benefactor and philanthropist; upon his death in 1919, more than $350 million of his wealth was bequeathed to various foundations, with another $30 million going to various charities. His endowments created nearly 2,500 free public libraries that bear his name: the Carnegie Libraries.

During the game you will recruit and manage employees, expand your business, invest in real estate, produce and sell goods, and create transport chains across the United States; you may even work with important personalities of the era. Perhaps you will even become an illustrious benefactor who contributes to the greatness of his country through deeds and generosity!

The game takes place over 20 rounds; players will each have one turn per round. On each turn, the active player will choose one of four actions, which the other players may follow.

The goal of the game is to build the most prestigious company, as symbolized by victory points.

In the Palm of Your Hand (Available Now!)

In this delightful, tactile game, one player (Child) must “mime” memories depicted on the cards by using objects in the hand of another player (Grandfather), whose eyes are shut. The other players only see the mime, and must add additional Memory cards that seem to correspond to the mime. Grandfather opens his eyes and must find the right memories among all of the cards on the table. The game is played in teams of two or three players.

New Fluxx: More Actions, Surprises and Rules Expansions (Available Now1)

3 New Fluxx expansion that add even more fun to your Fluxx games!

VENN (Available Now!)

Introducing VENN, a clever game where clues and art overlap! Race to find three secret words based on where a Clue Giver arranges unique Art Cards onto color circles. Set a timer or outguess the others to find the similarities, come to the right conclusions, and win! Go head-to-head as teams or work together through cooperative gameplay in this hands-on communication game that mixes friendly competition and fun.

Saloon Tycoon 2E (Available Now!)

Yee haw! Welcome to the Old West! Yer the new and lucky owner of a Saloon lot smack dab in the middle of town. But ya ain’t the only one! Outwit your opponents to become the most popular Saloon owner in town by addin’ new features for yer customers and attractin’ influential citizens to visit yer Saloon. But be careful! Don’t let yer Saloon become a place where outlaws loiter! Roll up yer sleeves, put on yer hat, and let’s go build!

Saloon Tycoon 2nd Edition brings refined mechanics and scoring. Saloon Tycoon now features expanded component counts to build even bigger saloons, a bigger scoreboard and improved game play and scoring.

Lucha Wars! (Available Saturday, 7/16)

Lucha Wars is a two to eight-player dice game, based on the popular world of professional Mexican wrestling, or “Lucha Libre” (a.k.a. free fighting).

Each player selects a Luchador wrestling character to play and rolls their Grapple Dice to try to either reduce their opponent/s life points to zero to win by a knock-out (KO) or hold the opponent down on the mat for a “count of three” to win by a pin.

Each wrestler has individual Life levels, Pinnable level, and Combo Attack zones. Also, they each have their own Special Attacks that can be used during a match by rolling their Special Attack Die.

Players begin by each rolling their own set of five ‘wrestling dice’ at the same time, trying to ensure that they land in, or touching the wrestling ring. The results of HITs, DODGES, and MISS rolled are played off against each other with DODGES being re-rolled once which can also be used to target their opponent/s dice. The player with the highest Hits is the winner for that round and the loser takes the difference in damage off their Life track.

Additionally, the winner records the victory by moving their counter up one tile on their Special Attack Track.
The Special Attack track allows a player to do their Special Attack, attempt to PIN an opponent, attack using the Combo Die and attack with a Weapon (Weapons Match).

If a player has reached the PIN tile on their Special Attack Track, the ‘three count’ begins against their opponent. The player being pinned has three attempts to save, using four of their five wrestling dice or lose the match.

In a tag-team match, players have the choice of trying to tag-out to regain slight strength, but it can also cost them… if they fail to tag and get dragged back into the ring by their eager opponent.

In the Weapons match, four Weapons Tokens are placed face-down in each of the four corners of the wrestling ring. Once a player moves their token to the tile on their Special Attack Track that shows a Weapon, it allows them to take a random Weapon Token and use that Weapon against an opponent at the beginning of any new round. This will often involve dexterity rolls with dice.

The Ladder match is a two-player game about which player gets their wrestler standee to the top of the ladder first to win the match. The game also includes a Changing Alliances match and Cage Match rules.

Marvel Champions: Spider-Ham Hero Pack (Available on Saturday, 7/16)

Greetings, citizens! You’ve met high-flying heroes, super-genius scientists, and cosmic sorcerers. You’ve seen awe-inspiring Avengers, grandstanding Guardians, and wondrous Web-Warriors. Now, it’s time for the porcine powerhouse, the spectacular super-pig, the wacky web-slinger, the one and only…Spider-Ham! This cartoon wonder WHAMs his way into players’ games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game with zany aplomb. Utilizing his wacky cartoon physics and goofy antics, Spider-Ham can take hits like a champ and thwart villains’ schemes with all sorts of colorful nonsense. With this Hero Pack, players will find Spider-Ham, his fifteen signature cards, and a full assortment of Justice cards inviting them to ruin the villains’ plans. This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the iconic and terrifying Inheritors.

For players ready to challenge the Sinister Six, they can get started with the Spider-Ham Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a 40-card pre-built deck, giving players the chance to start playing right out of the box.

Marvel Champions: SP//dr Hero Pack (Available on Saturday, 7/16)

After her father’s mysterious death, Peni Parker became the new pilot of the SP//dr suit. Alongside her arachnid co-pilot, with whom she is psychogenetically linked, SP//dr defends the citizens of New York City from attacks big and small, and sometimes even travels across the Multiverse to aid fellow Spider-heroes in saving existence itself. Now, SP//dr swings into players’ games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game! SP//dr is a high-tech hero with a unique resource engine, allowing her to use her suit’s interface upgrades in myriad ways. With this Hero Pack, players will find SP//dr, her seventeen signature cards, and a full assortment of Protection cards inviting players to stop the villains’ assault in their tracks. This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the notorious Iron Spider’s Sinister Six!

For players eager to challenge the villains of the Multiverse, they can get started with the SP//dr Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a 40-card pre-built deck, giving player the chance to start playing right out of the box.

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