Knight Fall, HEXplore It: Domain of Mirza Noctis, Klik’s Madness, Trick or Treat 2 Dice, Etherfields, New Ticket To Ride, Star Trek Ascendancy and More!

HEXplore It: The Domain of Mirza Noctis Bundle (Available Now)

Adventure awaits in the land of Krasvetelia.

HEXplore It is a hero-building adventure board game system. The Domain of Mirza Noctis is our fourth title in the series. It is both a stand-alone game and an expansion to the first three volumes.
Players select their heroes by combining several character options: Role, Aspect, and Race. These combinations drive their strengths, weaknesses, and defines their special abilities.

Krasvetelia. The sun sets on this cold and desolate place. A once beautiful land of craggy mountains, fertile valleys, and deep bottomless chasms, it is now wilted like a rose in winter.

Make your way across this scarred land to Investigate the workings of a terrible Blood Mage, who has spent decades cultivating and collecting the blood of innocents. Move during the Day or at Night and battle a variety of fully illustrated foes. Experience a rich world and reveal what discoveries might lie ahead.

To unravel Mirza Noctis’s plans, you must build powerful heroes and face him before it is too late.

Can you stop Mirza Noctis?

Bundle Also Includes:

HEXplore It: Return to Mirza Noctis

Return to the Domain of Mirza Noctis in this epic expansion.

This expansion presents a future timeline for your heroes — what happens when Noctis succeeds?

The dark lord has gathered the blood needed for his ritual and has ascended to godhood. But his goal of ascension wasn’t what people thought it would be. His hostility against the commoners of the land has eerily ceased. New, terrible horrors have arrived in the land of Krasvetelia, seeking to tear it asunder. Did he summon them? Or was he preparing for this eventuality all along? Noctis may be the only one strong enough to stand against these horrors. But did he gather enough power, or will he succumb to these titanic forces from another plane of existence? Only your heroes can help shape Krasvetelia’s destiny.

The Horrors have arrived.

Tragedy. Calamity. Disaster. Cataclysm. Forge an entirely new journey in the darkening land of Krasvetelia and gather power as quickly as you can to stop the four terrible horrors that have appeared in the world. You’ll face each, in a different order each time you play. Your only ally is Noctis himself, but can you keep your sanity, or will you succumb to madness?

What does this Expansion add?

  • 3 new epic heroes to add to your collection
  • 4 variable level Horrors – face them in a different order and experience contrasting effects each time you play
  • Madness – Your heroes will accumulate Madness, but can you keep your sanity long enough?
  • Epic Power Ups, Encounters, Investigations, Events, Treasures and more for each of your Core box card decks
  • Mythic Legendary Items and Allies
  • New Keepsakes to keep you going after death

A new punchboard for your map that interacts uniquely with the four Horrors

Knight Fall (Available Now)

In Thornmar Abbey, an ancient order of holy knights watches over a sealed portal to the underworld. The knights must protect the elders—ancient sages who sustain the seal. After decades of peace, the seal has weakened and demons are emerging from the rift. The demons seek to battle past the valiant knights and kill enough of the elders to fully break the seal before morning. Imbued with the power of the gods, only these brave knights stand a chance of protecting the elders and stopping an army of monsters from flooding into the world.

Knight Fall is an asymmetrical team game for one to six players. One team controls the knights, who must protect the elders and withstand the demons until dawn. The other team controls the demons, who seek to break the seal to the underworld before morning.  

During the game, you choose a unique knight or demon, each with a variety of special powers—such as the Flame Knight’s ability to surround his foes in fire, or the Bone Crusher’s power to summon skeletal minions. The cards you play from your hand to perform actions can each be used in different ways, and a set of unique location tiles allows you to create the monastery with a different layout every game.

Knight Fall also features a campaign mode for one to two players. In this mode, you read stories while exploring the map of a haunted valley, drawing your path as you travel. Wander through crumbling churches, a sinister forest, and a dark mountain to stop the demons before the final battle at Thornmar Abbey. You must do whatever you can to keep your Knights alive; the death of each knight means one fewer hero to combat the invading demons in the final battle!

Etherfields Sundrop Bundle (Available Now!)

Etherfields is a narrative, cooperative game for 1 – 4 (5 with the 5th player expansion). A series of unique Dreams await to be discovered through tense exploration and tactical encounters.

Learn about the Dreamers, their forgotten past, and their desperate mission. Uncover the surreal, sprawling dreamscapes. Just don’t be surprised when—just like dreams often do—they become a little disturbing… Prepare to be challenged by escape-room like riddles. Spot a clue in the image. See a hidden link between several pieces of information. Use your instinct as much as your logic.

In the beginning, you’ll explore the Dreamworld, trying to find out what this is all about and who you are – and you are there for a specific reason, but, at first, you can’t remember too much. You’ll have to restore your memories from scattered pieces.

The rules are pretty straightforward at the beginning, but they will grow more and more complex during the campaign. New rules open new possibilities and, sometimes, may turn everything upside down.

Deckbuilding in Etherfields applies to almost every deck in the game, not only the players’ ones. If you want to know more, enter the Dreamworld. It may be dark here and there, but it certainly isn’t gray. Then, look around and ask yourself: what if we all live in a vast, shared dream?

Sundrop Bundle Includes:

Core Game (Sundrop)

Etherfields: Stretch Goals – Harpy & She-Wolf Campaigns (Sundrop)

Sphinx campaign (Sundrop)

Funeral Witch Campaign (Sundrop)

5th Player Expansion (Sundrop)

Creatures of Etherfields (Sundrop)

Improved Rulebook and Optimal Game Supplements

Foam Brain Dice: Mystery Loot – Trick or Treat 2 Oversized Metal Die & Enamel Pin (Available Now!)

Back by popular demand, we our rolling out a new limited set of the Best-Selling, Trick or Treat Mystery Loots!!  

Each Mystery Loot will contain one random Metal D20 and one Enamel Pin:

  • Top-Selling, Spooky Metal D20’s: Limited supply of spooky dice with Beatle, Boo!, Eyeball, Vampire Teeth, Radioactive Waste, or Living Candy Corn designs!
  • Spooky-Themed Enamel Pins: A classic monster dressed in a Halloween costume…  Our unique pins this year feature merfolk, giants, demons and more, all dressed up and ready to trick-or-treat!

D&D 5E: Boricubos Latin American Monsters & Adventures RPG (Available Now!)

Islands of Adventure! Explore the incredible archipelago of Boricubos, a land rooted in the myths and legends of the Taino and Arawak peoples of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This amazing campaign setting includes vividly detailed cultures with seven sensational playable races, from the anabagua flower-folk to the volcanic wolakan, the mercenary iguaca parrotfolk, the hurakan living storm scions, and more! Plus, you’ll find nearly 40 new archetypes and class options for every 5E character class, alongside dozens of new spells, weapons and armor, feats, magic items, and so much more, including the all-new shaman class, a divine spirit-master and cousin to the warlock who binds the spirits of nature and the incarnation of ancestors to wield mystic power, with dozens of spirit bindings and boons to make each shaman unique! Plus, get adventure hooks, culture and history, and three introductory adventures to help your heroes find their place in this island paradise: Prophet of Perdition, Ancient Bones, and Six Days Til Sacrifice!

In addition, you’ll find over 120 5th Edition creatures from Central and South America and the Caribbean, from ahuizotl to zuvembie! You’ll find divine messengers and protectors like the magui and xiuh couatl alongside sinister fiends like the soucouyant and xipe totec the Flayed Lord, living fey like the curupira and encantado alongside deathless terrors like the llorona and tzitzimitl, living engines of destruction like the lusca and chupacabra and unliving constructs like the cuauhxicalli and xolo guardian. Guardians of the wild like the tunche and madremonte stand beside fantastic versions of real-world creatures like the anaconda, giant iguana, black caiman, jaguar, and giant mantis shrimp! These creatures are ideal for running a campaign inspired by the Americas or as exciting new creatures your players may have never seen before! This incredible 5E monster book has been developed with a creative team of nearly 20 Latin American authors and artists from the folklore of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, and more in this beautifully illustrated 264-page deluxe hardcover to Make Your Game Legendary!

Oz RPG (Available Now!)

Adventure is just down the Yellow Brick Road… The award-winning author and illustrator of Neverland returns with another beautiful RPG setting book, in OZ: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

While many have traveled with Dorothy Gale to the world of OZ, there is so much more to explore! But know this: there is more to the land and its inhabitants than the rumors might suggest. Appearances can be deceiving and like any good metal smith will tell you, the only way to tell a gold bar from a yellow brick is to hit it with a hammer.

So begins Andrew Kolb’s OZ: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Unlike its predecessor, Neverland, OZ uses an urban setting pointcrawl instead of a hexcrawl, full of secrets to discover via underground trains and a monorail that loops around all four districts of OZ. With different neighborhoods to explore, factions to join, and questions to ask (what happened to The Slippers, anyway?) players can escape to the Emerald City for hours on end.

D&D 5E: Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons (Available Now!)

The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons provides GMs with endless options for populating their adventures with challenging riddles, puzzles, spiked pits, Rube Goldberg-style deathtraps and much more – everything they need to push player character to their limit and bring new levels of excitement (and anxiety) to their game play.

Star Trek Ascendancy: Breen Confederacy (Available Now!)

The Breen Confederacy

Little is known about the secretive Breen, not their appearance, and not even whether they are a single species or several species working together. Intensely territorial, the Breen annihilated the Klingon fleet sent to conquer them, leaving the Klingons no wiser as to who or even what they were facing. As the Romulans say, “Never turn your back on a Breen.”

This set includes everything you need to add the Breen to your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy!

Star Trek Ascendancy: The Dominion War (Available Now!)

The Dominion

Changelings known as the Founders established the Dominion in Gamma Quadrant millenia ago. Through their Vorta commanders and Jem’Hadar super soldiers, the Founders rule as gods, bringing order to the galaxy. The discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole brought this ancient civilization onto conflict with the more youthful civilizations of the Alpha Quadrant.

Expansion to the popular Star Trek: Ascendancy game, The Dominion War Variant adds the Dominion as a playable civilisation, the Bajoran Wormhole leading to he Gama Quadrant as a new area to explore and a Dominion war variant that changes the playing field by dividing the civilizations into two rival alliances with players striving to see their Alliance dominate the opposing Alliance.

The expansion contains everything you need to add the Dominion, and another player to your games of Star Trek Ascendancy. Discover the Gamma Quadrant via the Bajoran-Idran Wormhole Systems, encounter new Exploration Cards, plus more Space Lanes and Resource Nodes!

This set includes everything you need to add the Dominion and Gamma Quadrant to your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy and to play the Dominion War variant. 

Cold Case: Murder With Interest (Available Now!)

The Murder of Dave Connelly

In 2003, Dave Connelly, an employee of a local bank in Tolmahoy, Ireland, attended an office party in celebration of his 25th birthday. Little did he know, it would be his last. Minutes after the party ended, both Dave and his bank manager, Clare, dropped dead – victims of poison! Decades later, the identity of their killer remains a mystery, as police were never able to determine how they were poisoned. In Cold Case: Murder with Interest, YOU investigate the deaths of Dave Connelly and Clare O’Callaghan and attempt to finally solve the crime.

Immerse Yourself in a Cold Case Mystery

In the Cold Case series, you have been summoned to investigate the unsolved cases of victims murdered decades ago, piecing together the details that the police could never find. Inside the box, you will find realistic materials pertaining to the crime, and a complex story containing everything you need to crack the case. Follow the clues and submit your answers online to finally bring the killers to justice.

Great for a small group of friends or a single-player experience, Cold Case integrates puzzle-solving and crime fiction into an immersive investigative experience. The police never identified the murderer.

Can YOU?

HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King – Klik’s Madness Campaign Book (Available Now!)

Klik’s Madness is our first Campaign Mode written for the HEXplore It system.

This choose-your-own-path, board game/novel hybrid, is an ambitious product whose story takes place in the Runecrest Valley, before the Dead King arrives. Play through the Valley of the Dead King (Volume I) in an entirely new way and experience the unfolding of a complex and epic story. Your heroes will be pulled into the narrative and will drive how the story unfolds based on the decisions and actions you make.

Welcome back to the Runecrest Valley.

Players build their heroes in largely the same way they would during a standard game of the Valley of the Dead King. You’ll use the same heroes throughout your entire adventure.

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a map setup for that chapter and a series of Triggered EventsChapter Statuses, and Campaign Items available to gain or unlock during play. After you set up your map and assemble your components, you’ll read an opening narrative that sets the tone for your journey and propels you headfirst into your adventure. As you interact with more content in the game world, you’ll experience varied and unique Chapter Passages that narrate your journey and provide you with choices on how to proceed. These choices will largely affect the course of your game during play.

Triggered Events (TE)

Triggered Events are moments where through the course of gameplay (landing on a special location, rolling especially well or poorly on a Stat Test, etc), you have triggered a narrative event. They are identified at the beginning of each chapter, based on the game phase in which they occur. Each chapter has its own list of TEs to be aware of and not all are related to your chapter objective. It is not expected for you to encounter all TEs in a single play-through. When a trigger occurs, the Triggered Event will specify which Chapter Passage to read. 

Chapter Passages (CP)

Chapter Passages are numbered narrative moments that display the results of the decisions made during a Triggered Event. The Chapter Passages section of each chapter contains these moments, organized in a random environment for you to discover and read when instructed to do so. You will not know the outcome of your decisions until you make them. You will only know if a decision will take time to complete or not. 

Heroic Moments

Within the confines of the Campaign’s story, some heroes are capable of performing amazing feats and turning the tide of the narrative in ways that other heroes cannot. For example, heroes of the Healer Role Type may have an opportunity to save a dying NPC, or an ogre may be able to perform a feat of strength. These opportunities are called Heroic Moments. The text of a TE or CP will indicate when a Heroic Moment is possible, which Roles, Role Types, Races, or Aspects can take part, and what your special ability or choice will be. 

Prequel: Trouble at the Gates

When a desperate man stumbles into your secluded shrine begging for someone to help save his kidnapped family, you are there to answer the call. Explore the nuances of the HEXplore It Campaign Mode system and experience a hint of the dangers awaiting in the full adventure.

Chapter 1: A Threat in Dragon’s Port

A group of suspiciously organized goblins have stolen three priceless treasures from the Baron of Dragon’s Port. Their retrieval will uncover a dark plot that threatens to envelop all of Runecrest Valley.

Chapter 2: Into the Wildlands

Dragon’s Port was only the beginning. More allies and information are needed to face the coming goblin scourge, and that means braving a treacherous forest with deadly new occupants.

Chapter 3: Klik’s Clutches

Following his latest assault, the self-proclaimed ruler of the goblins seeks even more power. Old allies and new will be needed to face this unique threat, but will it be enough?

Chapter 4: Descent into Madness

Klik’s plans have boiled over with disastrous results. Now is the time to take a final stand and bring the fight to the goblins before the entire Valley falls to Klik’s madness!

NPC Arcs

You’ll meet various allies as your adventure unfolds. Each can help you in various ways. These optional side-quests will allow you to help them back in return.

What is required to play Klik’s Madness?
Aside from this campaign book, you’ll need The Valley of the Dead King Core box. The Valley of the Dead King Expansion and Living Card deck may also be used, but are not required to play. We present alternate options in the book wherever this optional material is referenced.

  • Klik’s Madness is a hardcover book, sized approximately 500 pages
  • It is a story-driven expansion for Volume I: The Valley of the Dead King
  • This product features full-color printing, sewn-in binding, 3 ribbons (purple, teal, and gray/brown), and is printed on 128gsm premium paper
  • Create heroes and experience a choose-your-own path story through 4 consecutive chapters of content. A 5th optional chapter contains dozens of Non-Player Character dialog arcs
  • Each chapter takes roughly 2-5 hours to complete and ranges approximately 40k to 90k words (for context, most novels are between 60k and 100k words)
  • You will only experience a fraction of the content during each chapter, which means your games can unfold differently each time you play
  • Gain epic gear, unique campaign-only equipment and statuses, and power level your heroes throughout the entire length of the story
  • Statuses and campaign items you gain in one chapter will affect the story in completely different and unforeseeable ways in future chapters
  • Ambitious storytellers can use the framework we’ve introduced here to build their own similar stories in the HEXplore It gaming world
  • If you do not enjoy reading, this product may not be for you! This is a narrative experience you’ll unravel within the framework of the HEXplore It gaming system.

Ticket To Ride: Poland (Available Now!)

From the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, Poland offers wide open vistas just waiting to be discovered. Take in the fresh sea breeze on the Gulf of Gdansk, or maybe you prefer the charming mountain trails around Zakopane! Ticket to Ride: Poland takes you on a unique journey into a rich past as you play the role of a railway magnate from the 1950s.

In Ticket to Ride: Poland, you will have to gain a monopoly over the Polish public transport, not only by claiming routes between cities, but also by connecting countries with each other. But do not waste time: the sooner you manage to do so, the higher the reward. This new Map Collection is the perfect addition to spice-up a Ticket to Ride game night.

Ticket To Ride: San Francisco (Available Now!)

Enjoy a nice walk along the Embarcadero and hop on an old cable car for a ride toward Fisherman’s Wharf. Soon, the Golden Gate Bridge will rise in front of you… Welcome to the City by the Bay! Continuing the successful series of the City games, Ticket to Ride San Francisco embarks players in a fun and fast visit of one the world most popular city.

Virtù (Available Now!)

It’s a time of upheaval, when the Middle Ages end and modernity is born…. For those in the government, the situation is ripe for action. Your city must maintain its standing, and you, as its prince, must make this happen. Virtù models the art of governing, using an original mechanism that then deploys from your player board. Your tactical options are laid out in the form of a wheel of cards, which you can evolve according to your objectives. Send troops or assign agents, and the villages will change hands. But other strategic dimensions must be considered: Artists, merchants, or diplomats could also work to increase your prestige…. Decide and act with just the right amount of ingenuity and audacity, and you will become the Master of Italy!

My Junior RPG (Available Now!)

My Junior Role Playing Game is an introduction to tabletop top roleplaying games for kids 8 years and older. Streamlining the tried-and-true roll to resolve gameplay of RPGs, players will work together as they play through a light RPG adventure, rolling dice to take actions and check success and collecting clues to unravel the story’s mystery.

Players will play as Akir, Liu, Jo’ and Lucas, four friends at Summer camp. They hear about a mysterious haunted castle and decide to go explore it and solve the mystery surrounding the spooky location and its ghostly inhabitants.