Final Girl Franchise Box 2, Catharsis, Gelatinous, Epic Seven Arise, New Cantaloop, RPGs and More!

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Final Girl Franchise Bundle: Series 2

The highly-thematic and highly variable horror game for one has returned!

Step into the shoes of the girl of your choice and move, search, and fight your way to victory by eliminating the killer and surviving the night.

Even more horror awaits! This massive box includes the Series 2 Collection of the Feature Film boxes for the critically acclaimed solo game Final Girl. Mix and match killers and locations and with various event, item and terror cards, no two games will ever be the same. Choose your favorite Final Girl and instantly become the star of your own horror movie!

Prepare to square off against all new horrifying killers like The Evomorph, The Organism, The Intruders, The Big Bad Wof, The Ratchet Lady, and Zombies in iconic locations like The USS Konrad, Station 2891, Wingard Cottage, Storybook Woods and Wolfe Asylum.

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Catharsis Premium Edition

Catharsis – 1 to 5 player dice rolling adventure game!

Go solo or team up with your friends and challenge all 12 boss decks. Each deck contains traps, events, monsters, and more with a beautiful narrative to go with it.

With 12 characters to play and 12 bosses to battle, no two games will ever be the same.

Catharsis is a solo & cooperative board game for 1-5 players who are heroes trying to stop one of the many corruptions spreading through the lands. The game requires strategy, cooperation, and a touch of luck to succeed as the party fights through traps, monsters, and more. Each game is a different experience as each hero has a deck of powers they draw from, creating unique synergies every playthrough. Moreover, the players must hunt down a boss by progressing through its Boss deck, a unique deck of cards for each boss and randomized for each game. The players must carefully balance using their skills and creeping closer to death with burning through their morale and giving up in despair. The game lasts 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, and by the end, win or lose, you will definitely be excited for your next challenge!

Epic Seven Arise

Orbis, the God of Nature, was severely attacked in the Celestial War and nearly perished. Diche, the Goddess of Life, has saved the land of Orbis and given new life to every living thing in it. But it will not last long, for her power is slowly fading.

Player will take on the role of the heroes and protect the land of Orbis from the Archdemon and the Acolytes.

Each player will enter the role of the heirs, beings created by the Goddess of Life, Diche, to protect the world of Orbis from the Archdemon and the Acolytes.

Each hero comes with a skill deck representing their unique set of skills to the table. You need to use your skills well if you intend to defeat the Archdemon.

During play, heroes must manage their actions and coordinate with the team, moving to the locations under the most threat and doing battle with enemies. Finding time to recover and purchase items between engagements as they prepare to defeat the monsters and enemies.

Cantaloop Book 3: Against All Odds

You’ve got a plan, you’ve got a team and you are ready to do what it takes. Time to finally get your revenge…Part 3 of Cantaloop continues where Cantaloop – Book 2: A hack of a plan ended.

“Hook”, “Alice” and “Fly” are ready to turn their plan into action even if the odds are against them. Make use of your team’s unique skills to finally get your revenge on the biggest crook of town!

Explore beautifully illustrated locations, chat with characters, and solve tricky puzzles to get your revenge in this book based on point and click games. Find and collect items that you have to use cleverly or even combine in the individual locations in order to get ahead.

Are you clever enough? Find out in Cantaloop – an interactive adventure book!


In Gelatinous, players start out as a wandering slime, using sparkling green dice to grow into a cube. But watch out, the other slimes are growing too! The first to grow into a cube wins — and the rest are lunch.

Includes 35 glittery green dice and its own dice bag!


Pachamama (Mother Earth) guides the Quechua people in their search for fertile lands. This Andean goddess brings prosperity to the families of those who profoundly worship her, and Pachamama paints the landscape with the fruits of their numerous crops.

Lead your people to uncharted territories in search of new lands to farm. You seek to explore these regions, to trace their contours, and to develop agriculture there according to the customs and legends of Pachamama. If you honor her by respecting her core principles of diversity and separation, Nature will reward you. If not, you will suffer her ire. Deduction and a good sense of “timing” should help you succeed…

Call of Cthulhu RPG: Adventure: Nameless Horrors

The horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos are far worse than death…

The entities lurking in this collection of scenarios have never been seem before. Were budding novices or seasoned investigators, your players will find themselves on uncomfortable ground.

This new edition of Nameless Horrors contains brand new art, player handouts, and maps for each of its six stand alone adventures.

An Amaranthine Desire: takes place in the doomed seaport of Dunwich, England, 1892, where strange echoes of the past threaten the present.

A Message of Art: a gathering of artists in Paris, 1893, sees art and the occult come together in a dangerous fusion.

And Some Fell on Stoney Ground: 1920s small-town America, where trouble is brewing that could sweep everyone up in a wave of death and destruction.

Bleak Prospect: Massachusetts, 1932, during the Great Depression the residents of a shantytown face strange horrors that jeopardize all they hold dear.

The Moonchild: modern-day England, where an experiment with the occult casts long shadows and brings unforeseen consequences.

The Space Between: in modern-day Los Angeles, the star of a film produced by a popular religious organization has vanished.

This book is designed to be used with the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game and, optionally, the Pulp Cthulhu supplement, both available separately.

Ironsworn: Starforged Rulebook Deluxe Edition

In Ironsworn: Starforged, you are a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet on your travels. Most importantly, you will swear iron vows and see them fulfilled-no matter the cost. Starforged is a standalone follow-up to the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game. Experience with Ironsworn is not required to play. Starforged builds on Ironsworn’s award-winning innovations to chart a path into an exciting new frontier.

The Oracle Story Generator

Endless inspiration!

Generate awesome stories for your roleplaying games with the Oracle Story Generator. Simply draw five cards to form a sentence prompt consisting of an Actor, Action, Subject, Intent, and Development for a new story idea every time.

Dangerous Destinations RPG

Dangerous Destinations will help you create all manner of adventuring locations to populate the worlds in which you play, be they existing settings, or your very own.

Inside, you’ll find easy-to-use chapters to flesh out your destination, its environment, and the danger that lurks there, as well as antagonist profiles, and a wide variety of other useful tables. For GMs in a hurry, 60 fully realized pre-generated destinations, each with their own unique artwork and full color map, are ready to be slotted in to any game world in seconds.

With the help of this book, realize the places that have been locked within your imagination!

D&D 5E RPG: To Be or Not to Be a Villain

Experience the world of Hamlet like never before in this unique tabletop role-playing game.

For more than a century, Denmark has been at war with Norway. But after an uneasy ceasefire was brokered, old King Hamlet perished under mysterious circumstances. When a monarch dies without having officially named a successor, that leaves the kingdom to the noble council. And with it, their vote for whom shall inherit the throne. Become General Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Polonia, Ophelia, Laertes, Horatio, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, or even young prince Hamlet.

This book contains two adventures, one compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s oldest role-playing game and the other Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER RPG.

Nine Arches

Prepare & Beware 

Nine Arches is more than a game. To unlock a cache of ancient secrets, you must pass a series of real˗life trials, summoning the courage to do things that scare you, crush your limits, and chase your dreams. Do you and your crew have what it takes?

D&D: Honor Among Thieves Monsters

D&D Icons of the Realms: Honor Among Thieves – Monsters Boxed Set is a new set of miniatures based on the upcoming theatrical release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves!

Collect some of the most iconic monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe in this exciting set.

Gelatinous Cube
Displacer Beast
A surprise mystery monster!

Holler RPG Boxed Set

Holler is a roleplaying game of adventure, rebellion, fairy tale, and gothic horror in Appalachia. It’ll take miners, granny women, gougers, moonshiners, bluegrass pickers, and holy rollers willing to fight and die to protect their culture, customs, and families.

This setting requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules to play.

La Famiglia

In the 1980s, a merciless battle raged in Sicily that would later go down in history as “The Great Mafia War”. Different mob families fought with and against each other for supremacy in southern Italy.

In La Famiglia: The Great Mafia War, you play against each other in teams (2 vs. 2) to take control of Sicily. Six different mafia families, each with special abilities, are at your disposal. The game rounds are divided into two phases: In the planning phase, you develop your abilities and bring fighters as well as secret orders to the board. In the combat phase, these orders are revealed and executed. Here, you use your fighters and bombs to dominate as many regions as possible. The combat system is both simple and innovative, making every fight an exciting psychological duel. The team that best combines and coordinates its abilities will finally dominate Sicily.

La Famiglia is an extraordinary team game that provides lasting excitement through asymmetric abilities and a variable game set-up.

Doctor Who: Nemesis

It’s not easy trying to rule space and time, contending with rival Daleks and Cybermen, interfering Time Lords, and predatory Weeping Angels. There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and Gallifrey itself for that matter too, paradoxes and the endless schemes of the Doctor and the Master to unravel.

In Doctor Who: Nemesis, you play one of the Doctor’s many adversaries seeking to twist space and time to your own ends. Your old nemesis, the Doctor, endlessly seeks to thwart your plans. Worse still, his other adversaries have their own schemes, and they don’t involve you controlling everything. You must send your minions out to thwart both the Doctor’s and your opponents’ schemes, while bringing your own schemes to fruition.

The Council of Shadows

It’s the year 2200. We’re on the edge of the known universe, and a race for a seat on the mighty Council of Shadows is in full swing, with four civilizations vying for admission. Only those who provide more energy to the council each turn and outdo themselves will be successful.

In Council of Shadows, you take on the role of one of these four civilizations, secure the strongest actions, take control of important areas, and be the first to make three quantum leaps. This is how you win the race for planets and raw materials and become part of the Council of Shadows!

Castle Panic 2E: Engines of War Expansion

The expansion that adds a simple economy to Castle Panic. Now with a brand new look.

Players use Resource cards and the Engineer to build new weapons and defenses. The Monster army attacks with new ranks and powerful Siege Engines.

In Engines of War, players collect and pay resources to the Engineer to build new weapons, such as Catapults, Ballistas, Barricades, and Spring Traps, to fight against new Monsters and Siege Engines.

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Crisis Expansion

n Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition: Crisis, players will play as corporations, just as in the original Ares Expedition. You choose phases and play project cards as normal. The difference is players are working together to keep Mars habitable after a natural disaster has landed the planet in crisis. Every round, a new Crisis card will be drawn that will require the players to achieve a certain goal to remove that crisis from play. Each turn that a Crisis card is not completely dealt with, it will lower one or more of the terraforming metrics that keep Mars habitable.

Handle all the crises as they arise. Eventually, a Crisis card will be drawn that allows the players to win the game once they have completed re-terraforming Mars.

7-Set Kitten Orange Dice

Each set includes seven polyhedral dice: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, and 1d20. With Katie Cook’s adorable kitty faces and paws, and your choice of four different color combinations, you’ll have the perfect mix of cute and curious!

Kitten Dice Set Also Available in Black, Brown and Grey!

Whine Night

2-8 players take turns sharing stories to answer hilariously relatable and annoying prompts then vote on who had the best story. Next, you all vote on who had the best whine. At the end of the night, whoever won the most rounds wins!

D&D Leatherette Dice Tower

D&D Leatherette Dice Tray

D&D Printed Leatherette Folio