D&D: Breaking Bread One – Shot Event at the Wandering Dragon!

D&D: Breaking Bread

In the small frontier town of Plymett, the locals live in constant fear of a demon-worshiping cult living in nearby caves.  The cult has repeatedly raided the town, kidnapped residents and stealing supplies.  Over the past few months, the cult’s raids have become all too constant, and the locals fear another attack is imminent.

The Mayor has negotiated a peace treaty with a nearby orc tribe in hopes of strengthening the town, but the threat of the cultist’s looms.  As a feast draws near to celebrate the harvest and inauguration of peace, the mayor seeks adventurers who would be willing to defend the town and push back against the cult.

Will the adventurers be able to stop the cultists from kidnapping any more of the residents of Plymett?  Will they defend the town against the coming onslaught, or travel outside the town to bring the fight to the cult?

The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe is hosting a special Holiday D&D One Shot on Thursday, November 30th! Seating is limited, so reserve you seat now for this festive night of fun!

All experience levels welcome!

Thursday, November 30th


Bring a Prepared Level 1-4 Character of Your Choice

$15.00 registration is required. To reserve your seat, Click Here!