Kaiju Kraze!

Monsterpocalypse We’re not canceling any Apocalypse at The Wandering Dragon!  We’re Kashin’ in on the Kaiju Kraze and you Kan too!  😉  Come on out to The Dragon on Thursday night (7/18) to learn and play Monsterpocalypse and get 20% off your Monpoc purchase.  Then, get ready for an all-out Monster Mash on Saturday, July 20!!!  We’ll be running a Monpoc Booster Draft, King of Tokyo Tourney and a Pacific Rim Clix Event!!! Saturday, July 20th: 1pm Monpoc Booster Draft $30 = 3 Unit Boosters & 1 Monster Booster (a savings of 50%) 10pm King of Tokyo Tourney = $5.00 per person. 10pm Pacific Rim HeroClix Event = $10.00 = 3 Single Figures

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