Heroes of Normandie: D-Day Scenarios Expansion Pack

The first expansion for Heroes of Normandie has finally arrived! Heroes of Normandie: D-Day Scenarios Expansion Pack is now at The Wandering Dragon!

“There are two kinds of people who are staying on this beach:
those who are dead and those who are going to die.
Now let’s get the hell out of here

This is it! This is D-Day, H-Hour… It’s now! Smokes drift over the sand, planes roar overhead, grayish plumes blossom where the Navy shells deliver death and destruction to the enemy. The biggest military operation of all times just started and you can be part of it. In a landing craft or behind your MG42…

Content : Two new units US Engineers and Festungkompagnie with their specific options (shovels, bangalores, grapnels) 6 Landing crafts 6 Fortified positions 6 New 2 sided terrain tiles 3 scenarios (can be played as a mini-campaign) + landing scenarios generator New rules