Android: Netrunner Sleeves

Sleeve ’em in Style! All six new Android: Netrunner Sleeve Designs are now at The Wandering Dragon!

“I appreciate your concern, Miss Tameko, but there is no potential breach within the server you have identified. That is your snare. You will find that all your data is quite well-protected.”

     –Akitaro Watanabe

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of six limited edition Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves.

Offering a high-tech combination of functionality and style Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves combine beautiful game-related art with top-quality card protection. Take your pick of designs in the meat world or the virtual world; our six new sleeve designs immerse you more fully than ever in the high-stakes cyberstruggles of Android: Netrunner, even as their clear, 100 micron-thick, non-PVC, acid-free polypropylene plastic offers your cards durable protection that comes free of any damaging chemicals that could corrode your cards.

All Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves fit snugly around your LCG, CCG, or other standard-sized cards (card size: 2 1/2” x 3 1/2”), and they facilitate easy shuffling and handling. Each pack contains 50 sleeves to protect the cards from your favorite Corp deck, your favorite Runner deck, or your favorite deck for any of our other LCGs!


The Future Is Now

“The reason the NAPD keeps going after Noise is because he thinks running is all about style.”
–Gabriel Santiago


The setting of Android: Netrunner is a gritty, futuristic world filled with artificial intelligence, gestural interfaces, and virt displays. The rich benefit from custom genetics and cyberimplants while the poor toil alongside bioroids and clones in the shadows of monolithic towers controlled by a handful of megarich corporations. They host their secrets on the omnipresent network and guard their most valuable data with a dizzying of array of barriers, code gates, sentries, and traps that define the landscape of the game’s virtual world.


Both the virtual and meat worlds of Android: Netrunner come to life with the six designs for our limited Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves.

“Goodnight, New Angeles. From all of us at NBN Nightly to all of you at home, sleep well. We’re watching over you.”
–NBN Nightly


Whether you plan to use Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves to protect your Corp and Runner decks for Android: Netrunner, run deep against the servers of another LCG, or safeguard an entirely different collection of cards, these stunning, top-quality sleeves allow you to do so in style, all while immersing you in the cyberpunk future of New Angeles, NeoTokyo, and the all-reaching network….