Fallen Playmat Collections

Playmats featuring the amazing artwork from the smash hit Watchtower game, Fallen will be at The Wandering Dragon on Friday, January 30th!

The Classic Collection

Playmat Classic

Our classic collection features two of Fallen’s original characters that started it all. On top, we see the Archivist of Souls… crafty, devious, and patient. His dark tower rising up next to him in the distance. Below, we have Seroth the Pit FIghter preparing his attack against the mighty denizens of the deep with the Dark Tower looming in the background.


The Ruins Collection

Playmat Ruins

This collection focuses on the immense structures that can be found in the stories of Fallen. On top, the Dark Tower… home to many a lost spirit driven mad by the tower’s lone master and his constant search for unthinkable power. Below, the lost stronghold of Ironfall… taken by the savage armies of the orcs and goblins.


The Ancient Collection

Playmat Ancient

Depicted here, we see Merace the Sorceress and the hallowed halls of her sacred library. Across from her, Sythean the Devourer prowls about the tight corridors of the dungeon.


The Chaos Collection

Playmat Chaos

The brave hero dashing into the maws of danger! Depicted here, we see the epic fighting frozen for but a moment in one of the many crumbling chasms found below. Our other mat introduces the powerful cave drake in his natural habitat searching for treasures and perhaps an unwary adventurer.