Krosmaster: KrosFire Tournament

Krosmaster: KrosFire Tournament (Please Read Carefully)


Rounds determined by player turnout

Only Krosmaster Figures from the Core Set and Dark Heroes can be used in this Tournament.

Prizes will include Dark Vlad’s Mount, St. Ballotwine Figures, Promo Figures, Promo Dice, Promo Kama, etc. 

Everyone will walk away with a prize!

Overall winner of matches will take 1st Place Prize! Achievements will be used to break tie.

2nd Place through Last Place will be determined by total number of Achievements gained during the tournament, not Match Wins. Most Achievements will take 2nd Place, 2nd most Achievements will take 3rd Place, etc.

Achievement ties will be broken first by most Krosmasters destroyed during all all matches and then by wins if needed.

Overall 1st Place winner cannot also win Achievement Prizes.

1st Place Overall Winner chooses first from the pool of prizes.

2nd Place(Highest Number of Achievements) chooses second, 3rd Place (2nd Highest Number of Achievements) chooses third, etc.


Achievement List: 

1.) King Me: Have all of your Krosmasters (none can be dead) on your opponents board edge all at the same time through the entirety of your turn.

2.) BushWhacked!: Destroy 2 Bushes in a single match.

3.) Shopaholic: Buy and posses one of each level of Demonic Reward at the same time in a single match.

4.) Scrooge McDuck: Accumulate at least 20 Kama and never spend any the entire match.

5.) Finders Kama Keepers: Pickup over half the Kama on the game board by the end of the match.

6.) Dice Love Me: Win the match by forcing the opponent to lose their last GG on your tension roll.

7.) Single Double Whammy: Kill two of the opponents Krosmasters in one match with one of your Krosmasters.

8.) Oooh, That’s Gotta Hurt: Kill an un-injured opposing Krosmaster in one turn.

9.) The View is Spectacular: Kill an opposing Krosmaster while standing on a crate(or similar object).

10.) Beware of Heights: Kill an opposing Krosmaster who is standing on a crate(or similar object).

Special St. Ballotwine Achievements: 

All You Need is Love: When you gain the Wild Gallon of Glory, give that and one of your own GG to your opponent.

Right in the Kisser: Have one of your Krosmasters, punch an opposing Krosmaster.