Star Wars: X-Wing Tournament on 5/23

Star Wars: X-Wing Tournament! (Read Carefully)

Come on out to The Wandering Dragon on Saturday, May 23rd and take your best shot at winning some great X-Wing prizes! 

RSVP now at:

Registration starts at 2:30pm/Event starts at 3:00pm

Swiss Style Tournament

75 Minute Rounds


Match Win=5 Points

Modified Match Win=3 Points

Draw= 1 Point

Match Loss= 0 Points

Bye=5 Points

Players should bring:

Two Legible  Squad Lists (100 Points Max.)

Ships with Number Markings (Official X-Wing Products)

Pilot and Upgrade Cards (Official X-Wing Product)

All Needed Tokens and Counters from the X-Wing Core Set and any relevant Expansion Packs

Attack and Defense Dice

Range Ruler and Maneuver Templates

6 Asteroid Tokens (No Duplicates)

Complete Damage Deck

Number of Rounds dependent on Player Turnout


Swiss Style Tournament

Bring two 100 Point Lists to choose from for the Event. Use one list to start and continue to use until second list is chosen. Once second list is chosen, that list must be used for the remainder of the Event.

No Outside Food or Drink

For your convenience our onsite Pantry is fully stocked with a wide variety of Food and Beverage Concessions, including Healthy Selections. 

The Wandering Dragon also has a Menu Book with delivery from our local Restaurant partners. 

Prizes (Depending on Turnout): The winner will choose their prize first, with 2nd Place choosing next, 3rd Place next and then 4th place receiving the final Prize.

10 or More Players=Most Wanted Set, VT-49 Decimator, YT-2400 Freighter and IG-2000!

6-10 Players = Most Wanted Set, VT-49 Decimator and IG-2000!

4-6 Players: VT-49 Decimator  or IG-2000

Check out our Meetup for all the Star Wars: X-Wing Nights every other Saturday Night at The Wandering Dragon!

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