Eldritch Horror: Strange Remnants Expansion



The rest is very simple. My impulse to visit and enter the temple has now become an inexplicable and imperious command which ultimately cannot be denied.
–H.P. Lovecraft, The Temple

Strange Remnants, the new expansion for Eldritch Horror, is now available at The Wandering Dragon!

The cosmos is now shifting towards an evil alignment, a Syzygy that is about to open up a mysterious, black portal that will swallow Earth whole. Strange Remnants charges you and your fellow investigators with the vital task of taking on the most ancient thing of all – the universe itself – in order to rescue the world from its imminent end. Fortunately, the prophets and priests of several ancient civilizations foresaw that this time would come. They erected magnificent, enduring monuments as defensive fortresses, and deep within the stones cached the knowledge and tools you need to save the world.

Powerful Ancient Places

Four legendary and far-flung archeological sites contain the secrets you need to combat the Syzygy: the temple-filled Mayan city of Chichen Itza; the winding, impassible Great Wall of China; the mysterious, mist-shrouded ruins of Stonehenge; and Easter Island, with her massive, imposing Moai statues. Strange Remnants opens up travel to these powerful ancient places with the new Mystic Ruins Encounter Deck, discussed more thoroughly in our first preview.

While those Mystic Ruins were constructed as bulwarks against the Syzygy, this expansion  features a prelude that brings them into play no matter which Ancient One you seek to defeat. Three other preludes each also add a unique shape and story to your games: The Coming Storm creates a more dangerous start to your quest, but also grants each investigator an immediate extra advantage, such as an Asset, Spell, or improved Skill. The Dunwich Horror integrates Lovecraft’s tale of an uncanny rural New England family into your international struggle against horrors.

Fate, Determination, and Faith

The four investigators introduced in Strange Remnants form a crew determined to stop the proliferating evils that endanger humanity. Each was brought to this quest by the mysterious workings of fate. Skids O’Toole learned of the Ancient Ones from his prison cellmate while the bounty hunter Tony Morgan began stalking monsters after meeting the grotestque fish-like creatures that dwell in Innsmouth. Singer Marie Lambeau was commanded by her Cajun grand-mère to fight evil using the family’s traditional witchcraft, while the chef Zoe Samaras is nightly directed by the voice of God to strike down wickedness in any form.

Each investigator is also supported by a firm, lifelong faith. Skids places his faith in his incredible ability to beat the odds, Marie in the practices and wisdom that her grand-mère taught her as she was growing up. Zoe’s faith in her God is unshakeable, whereas Tony’s faith resides only in himself. You can learn more about these remarkable individuals in our second preview.

The Cosmos’ Cruelty

As the stars shift into their destined places, the cruel effects of the Syzygy can be felt across the world. It’s strange energies create bizarre auroras in the sky even near the equator, far south of where the aurora borealis can be seen. Flocks of migrating birds suddenly plummet to their death, wolves howl in confusion and fear. Cultists of Azathoth have become ubiquitous and are now more powerful than any Cultists you have encountered before. But these events are nothing compared to what might befall Earth should it fall through the portal that the Syzygy will open.

Only by solving three of the Syzygy’s mysteries will you be able to stop that from happening. Exploring the four ancient sites is only part of your task. You may have to face ghosts in Japan, living gargoyles in Buenos Aires, or masked revelers in an Other World. You may perform Druidic rituals at Stonehenge or play a Mayan ball game in Chichen Itza. Our third preview reveals more about what you must do to solve the mysteries of the cosmos itself.

Defy the Stars

Finally, Strange Remnants offers investigators two new weapons. In your arhceological explorations you may uncover powerful Relics left by the people of the past, or you may learn powerful Glamour spells that enhance your skills, sanity, and stamina. You’ll need all the tools you can get and all the strength you can muster if you want to defy the age-old workings of the stars.