New SUPERFIGHT Expansions now at The Wandering Dragon!

Three new SUPERFIGHT Expansions are now available at The Wandering Dragon!

SUPERFIGHT: The Challenge Deck

We know your Bear-Throwing T-Rex is a formidable fighter, but how is she at Football, Quidditch, or The Game of Thrones? The Challenge Deck answers these questions and more by adding 100 Challenge Cards to your SUPERFIGHT Game! Draw a Challenge Card before or after you create the fighters, then instead of fighting, argue about who would win at that contest.

Never have the same fight twice!

The Challenge Deck is a modifier deck, and thus requires an additional game deck in order to be played. 

SUPERFIGHT: The Walking Dead Deck

The Walking Dead Deck is an expansion to SUPERFIGHT that adds 100 cards inspired by Robert Kirkman’s hit Comic Book Series.

All of your favorite Walking Dead survivors and villains are here, along with our darkest set of attributes yet! With all new blood-splattered cards and ten Walking Dead inspired locations and scenarios, this deck will take your fights to the darkest places they’ve ever been. 

Do not shuffle, Dead Inside.

This deck includes 100 cards and can be played on its own but we highly recommend playing it with the Core Deck.  

SUPERFIGHT: The Anime Deck

The Anime Deck adds 100 cards inspired by your favorite new and classic shows. It also includes ten Anime-based scenarios and locations so that you can have your fights at a Maid Café or during a beach episode!

From Pocket Monsters to Titans, to Sailor Scouts, this Deck is ready to raise your fights to a new level of insanity. The kind you can only find in Japan.  

This deck can be played on its own but we highly recommend playing it with the Core Deck.