Guild Ball is now at The Wandering Dragon!

Guild Ball – The Tabletop Fantasy Medieval Football Game. Mob football is a game generally played between neighboring towns and villages on feast days (hence the popularity). Players on opposing teams clash to control a leather-wrapped inflated pig’s bladder and attempt to kick it into the opponent’s goal.


The public went crazy as the game was elevated to new heights of spectacle. Guild Ball was born amidst a blaze of interest and publicity and with it, a whole new business and revenue stream for the Guilds. Games are now played out in front of vast crowds of fans, whilst behind the scenes the results can mean fortunes are won or lost on the kick of a ball.


Quick, intuitive game design based on modern design philosophy.


Designed from the ground up for deep and rich player interactions.


Ground breaking new ways to access amazing in-game actions.


A deep and flavourful world of intrigue.


Digitally designed and crafted by some of the leading talents within the industry.


Guild Ball’s core dice engine is designed to be fast and easy to perform, makes the game silky smooth to play. Using classic D6’s with an intuitive dice pool system, hit resolution is lighting fast with minimal computations.


Whilst the hit resolution system is fast and intuitive, the playbook allows for a huge variety of outcomes to each dice roll. You decide the in-game effect you need to deliver success…if you get enough hits of course!


We’ve designed Guild Ball to encourage kicking and passing the ball. The game actively rewards you for doing so, which results in a fast paced dynamic game flow. Like all our game mechanics, kicking the ball is fast and simple to do.


Guild uses a resource management called Influence to control actions and movement each turn. This leads to an intense bluffing and counter-bluffing meta-game as well as a need for deep risk management and turn planning.


Guild Ball features a unique system that reflects the ebb and flow of a football match. As players perform and achieve in-game actions they generate Momentum which can in turn be spent on triggering special ‘plays’, shooting at goal or out of turn reaction moves. Any momentum left over at the end of the turn translates into a massive advantage on determining initiative the following turn.


Guild Ball models are carefully designed to play off and feed into each other. Clever players will discover a huge depth of strategy available to them, which will be reinvigorated each and every time a new model is added to the Guild’s roster of choices.

The Guilds:


Alchemist's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Alchemist’s Guild

It is a new Guild. Not so unlike the others in its activities, but very much so in its ideology. Being able to have observed hundreds of years of development before beginning your own venture has a tendency to allow you to avoid certain growing pains I suspect. But being so wildly divergent in your practice will just as likely spawn different ones; mistrust for one thing. Unlike any of its rivals, the Alchemist’s Guild has yet to prove to the people that its industry is worthwhile. It has the burden of proof over simple necessity that we enjoy.

Death is inevitable, a cold and hard fact. Witchcraft is not.

Taking to the field against the Alchemist’s Guild can often be likened to an exercise in futility. The preposterous level of volatile chemicals, gaseous clouds and deadly pools of acids renders vast swathes of the pitch inhospitable to all but the most foolhardy. It with some amusement that I have watched some of the least useful members of my own guild attempt to demonstrate their worthiness by besting an Alchemist. I am sure that their guilds scientific minds would term such reckless failures as natural selection.

– Obulus, Mortician’s Guild Team Captain


Alchemists’ play style is one of force projection. They utilise a lot of AOE to control space and deny their opponents manoeuvrability. Their combo play comes from layering AOEs and generating huge areas of danger across the pitch.

They are quick on their feet and capable with the ball, but not as resilient in combat as other teams. They excel in the early to mid-game due to their ability to cover a good amount of space.

Alchemists will reward players who can anticipate their opponent’s plans and block them through good placement and positioning of models and effects. On offense, Alchemists can use their AOEs almost as additional models in order to restrict the counter play options of their opponent. No one wants to charge the Alchemist with the ball if you have to go through an acid cloud!


Brewer's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Brewer’s Guild

Real rough and tumble boys, these lads. You’re never going to meet yourself anyone more likely to knock you down into the dirt, mark my words. Tough, thick skulled bastards that love to brawl. But you know? For all of that, they’re all right by me. They’re just playing the game and they don’t take liberties with it none. I’ll go ten matches with the Drunks over one with the Meatheads or the Spooks, bruises and all. Play against ‘em one day, and you’ll see what I mean. They’re all aggressive and up in your face on the pitch and after will sit down to drink with you like you’re old comrades.

The current Drunks are nearly all from over Raedland way, around Maldriven and beyond. Considering how hard some of their predecessors have been, they’re a fun bunch. Decent in their own way. You wouldn’t remember, but before them was the lot from Erskirad. Far too serious for their own good, like their ale had grown stale long since. No one was sad to see the back of them. Let’s just hope that the Maldriven Whiskey houses keep their hold over the Brewer’s Guild for a long time to come, eh?

 Flint, Mason’s Guild Team Vice Captain


Brewers are tanky. Plain and simple, they are incredible at soaking damage up.

But their play style is more than just being hit. They excel in late game as they generally have superior numbers left at this point, but their mid-game is also strong due to their knockdowns and board control.

Not the most synergistic in terms of combo play, they do enjoy some degree of team buffing. Brewers generate the most momentum when pushing opponents in to and out of position with buffeting blows and plays.

Relatively slow up and down the field, the Brewers rely on long reach weapons and easy access to pushes and knockdowns, thereby giving them huge board presence and control.


Butcher's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Butcher’s Guild

Who are they lad? That team there? That’s the Butchers and you don’t want any part of them if you can avoid it. They’re a real heavy set. Killers, every one of them, even the kid over there; he probably doesn’t even know it yet. But if those swine are willing to take him on, you can bet that they’ve seen it in him, even if he hasn’t. 

Don’t mess with these lads young blood. You can run around them all you want, think you got their measure, staying just out of reach of a brute like the Ox, but you’d best pray to whatever gods you call on that they don’t catch you. It hurts, trust me. And probably not one of your shipmates are going to be able to help you if they do get you. A Meathead don’t need too long to waste anyone. I’m too old and wise to have made friends in this game, but if I had, I’d have seen plenty of them go home in wooden boxes after playing these guys. 

You’re just meat to them. Weak, tender, soft meat. And they’re the Butchers.

– Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild Vice Captain


Butchers’ play style has been designed to be quite straightforward. They are masters of the mid to late game. They excel at damage output and generate a lot of momentum through combat and damage effects. They provide each other with a good assortment of buffs and debuffs in order to allow combo play. Butchers mainly focus on raw damage.

That’s not to say that they don’t have some surprises up their sleeves – characters like Shank and Boiler can pop up and surprise you with their goal threats if you’re not careful …


Engineer's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Engineer’s Guild

We are strange bedfellows. Untrusting of each other, dismissive and always looking to gain political capital to use against our opposite numbers. Yet for all that, our alliance is a necessary one that I imagine neither party could really function without. Until the time when the farce of union is played out, we shall have to keep our secrets close, as they do jealously guard their own from us.

In the years following the unification, they have concerned themselves with public developments, creating marvels of the new age in the cities across the Empire, uneasily nestled in with the cathedrals and castles. Whilst the elder members of their guild rest on their laurels at these magnificent accomplishments, the revolutionaries only see this as the beginning.

 Further to this, the keenest amongst them have lent their hand to construction of clockwork instruments and devices of far more interest to our enlightened minds. I am especially fascinated with the automaton that they call Velocity. In that I see the path to immortality, carefully laid before us.

Just think of the power that we should wield if we were able to wrest the ability to construct towering behemoths like the mechanical walker from them, or craft our own firefly constructs! 

None could stand before us.

– Midas, Alchemist’s Guild Team Captain


The Engineers play style is one of accuracy and controlling space. They utilise all manner of gadgets, devices and traps to influence the flow and direction of the game. From a distance, the Engineers players move as one giant machine, perfectly in sync with each other…

Resilient in combat, accurate with the ball, the Engineers have a solid play style. Whilst not as mobile as some teams, they are able to move the ball great distances and accurately too. They excel in the mid-game, once all the pieces are in place they can control the pitch while pinging the ball around their opponent.


Fisherman's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Fisherman’s Guild

The Fisherman’s Guild is not a new guild and their team has been around for years in the lower divisions. They just never seemed to have a great game, you know? You ask anyone in the know about Guild Ball whether they ever heard of them back in the day and I can already tell you they’re going to say no. Then one day, the Fisherman’s Guild has a real revival in fortunes. Something to do with the nobles suddenly developing a taste for sea food and some shady deal with another guild. All I know is that that suddenly they have guild houses springing up in every city that doesn’t already have one and that everyone is going on about them. 

And then the team got better. A lot better. Like crazy better. Beating the Butchers, the Morticians, the Alchemists and the Messengers; all of the big boys. Had to get better, once the guild got bigger, or it wouldn’t sit right, you know? Whole bunch of new players, new sponsorship, new gear, new playbook. Suddenly, they’re a name on the street, with a big following. People screaming at the top of their voices when they play, flocking to the grounds. Yeah, they became the team to beat overnight. Everyone knows who they are now. Pictures of them all over, they’re a real big item.

But damn, they can play. If you’re good enough to be on the team, then you’re doing well. No dead weight there. They’re the best right now for a reason. They’ve never had a better line up in their entire history than they have at the moment. Yeah, I know that they’re new considering how long some of the other guilds teams have been in the limelight, but that don’t stop it being the truth none, does it? Ain’t no other team that can catch ‘em and until someone seriously gets their game on, the Fisherman’s Guild are going to keep winning.

– Flint, Mason’s Guild Team Vice Captain


Fisherman play style is all about movement and raw goal-scoring potential. They are dominant in the early game and can easily draw one or two goals ahead very quickly. However, mid to late game they need to be wary, especially if they lose a player or two.

They excel at movement and kicking the ball – they are practically all about offense. Their combo play revolves around (re)positioning and exploitation of space.

Whilst not entirely equipped with raw damage soaking defense, they instead have far subtler defensive options that focus much more on space control.


Mason's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Mason’s Guild

The Mason’s Guild has always existed in a position of enviable prestige throughout the Empire of the Free Cities. Admired even before the Century Wars; they were propelled to the heights of power that all guilds inherited at the end of that bloody conflict. After all, what king can rule without a palace? What city is secure from invasion without walls to protect it? In the early days, many of the other guilds survived in the pockets of the Mason’s Guild who constructed the most magnificent and architecturally astonishing of the greater guild houses.

Power came with a cost however and the Century Wars had a sting in the tail for the Masons. After an initial investiture of capital in battlements, forts and barracks across the Sovereign States, expenditure was diverted and spending prioritised on the upkeep and training of the immense armies that marched forth from each city. As the initial hope that the conflict would expire in timely fashion dwindled, so too did the fortunes of the guild.

The slow restoration of the guild would mean a timid start once Guild Ball was established and for many years, the Mason’s Guild was a relative unknown on the field of play. It remained so until inter-guild politics conspired to create a new Master Artificer at the head of a new ruling house. Rankled by the lack of esteem and prominence amongst the guilds, new drive was put into creating a formidable Guild Ball team that would stand against their rivals and propel the Mason’s Guild back to their rightful place as one of the most powerful throughout the Empire of the Free Cities. Significant investiture from the newly emboldened financiers and a fresh influx of talent followed and in 14c the Mason’s Guild surprised the world, beating the Butcher’s Guild with a one sided clean sheet in the season’s grand final.


Masons’ play style is all about balance and subtle flexibility. They have strong but not outstanding offensive and defensive options available to them. With a good mix of buffs and debuffs forming the foundation of their combo play, they need each other to excel.

They are equipped to play well during all phases of the game without a definitive focus on any key area, which is why they are the most flexible of teams to play. They have the tools and the play style to adapt to every situation, as long as you can piece them together properly.

Mason rewards players who can see and build play to effect combos, and then take advantage of any situation.


Mortician's Guild Starter Set

History of the
Mortician’s Guild

Real old guild, the Mortician’s. Been around in pretty much most parts longer than anyone else. Guess if there’s one certainty in this life, its death, eh?  Not that you’re going to catch one of them with my body when my time is up, young blood. Nope, plain and simple burial at sea for old Greyscales, just like the gods always wanted. This business of interfering with the dead and not letting the elements take them how they choose is all wrong, if you ask me. The Lords of the Deep washed me ashore and can take me back again when I’m done.  

Everyone hates playing them. There, I said it. Not one team out there that can’t find something to not like about ‘em. Whether it’s the blasted birds pecking at you, the creepy bitch with the eyes, or that big freak o’ theirs. Plenty not to like. That’s just the current team; I’ve been playing a long time and they haven’t never been any different. Players come and go, but whoever they are they’re always there to trip you up, to second guess you, block your plays and then gang up on you. Most of the time you play them, it’s not about you doing what you want to do out there, it’s about forcing them to let you do it. Sounds easy? It’s not.

Goes without saying of course that you don’t want to let yourself get wasted by one of them if you can avoid it. Some of ‘em don’t seem too much like they’ve got any morals or control. Odds are even a Butcher Meathead is going to leave you alone if he takes you out, but the Spooks? Well, best not let yourself find out whether you’re going to get lucky, or be their next customer, if you catch my drift?

– Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild Vice Captain


Morticians’ play style is about planning and execution. They control play with a huge amount of influence at their disposal, along with the ability to steal more from their opponent. Their play feels very much like setting traps, triggering the snare and then punishing their opponent. Mid-game is where they really shine – once well laid plans have turned to mush, Morticians can begin to dictate the play.

Morticians provide an interesting take on ‘force projection’ by making their opponents consider how and where they’re going to position models.

Morticians will reward players who like to dominate and control the game by playing mind tricks on their opponents.

The Union

The Union Starter Set

History of the
The Union

Who are the Union? A mismatched bunch o’ mercenaries, scum and criminals for the most part. You wouldn’t want to meet any of them in a dark alley late at night. 

Nobody really knows when orders from above won’t turn up and you’ll have one of them playing for you. How it is that they manage to worm their way into everyone’s teams is beyond my ken. Something to do with the lads high up in the guilds is all anyone can tell you, and even that’s probably guesswork more than truth.

All I know is that you never trust them. Watch them carefully, even when they’re on your side; they might not be next time around.

– Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

The Union

The Union play style is one of role specialism and individual play. They have an array of strong options across attack. Their defensive game isn’t as strong due to their focus on assassin or surgical removal style play. You need a game plan; set them up to deliver it and you will win. Think of these like a team of precision scalpels – just don’t try chopping down trees with them!

Their strength and flexibility comes from matching the right players to do the job you need before proceeding. Each model is simply strong at what it does, and doesn’t require assistance to do it. This is a team with little to no buffing. Want a big tanky guy taken down, send in Decimate … Want their backfield defensive midfielder to stop playing out buffs everywhere, Snakeskin will deliver … Just want someone messed up, Gutter’s the girl.

Hunter’s Guild