13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis, New Citadel Paints and Bases, Eldritch Horror: Signs of Carcosa, and More!

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis is a nail-biting, theme saturated two-player strategy game about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Your fate is determined by how well you deal with the inherent dilemmas of the game, and the conflict.

1) Will you push to gain prestige at the risk of escalating the crisis to global nuclear war?
2) How do you best manage your hand of cards to further your own plans while depriving your opponent of options?

Work out these dilemmas in order to emerge as victor of the Cuban Missile Crisis after thirteen suspenseful days.

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis is a meaty filler utilizing the card-driven game mechanics. Rich with history, yet accessible to gamers with no prior knowledge of the crisis. It is targeted specifically at catering to two groups of gamers: the enthusiasts that just don’t have the time they used to and the curious newcomers that are scared off by the heavy commitment and long play times of the classics in the genre.


RISK: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition

Space, the Final Frontier!

Q has brought together Captains Kirk, Picard,Sisko, Janeway and Archer to see which of them would be the best commander in Starfleet.  Join the adventure as you take on the role of a captain, assemble your away team, command your ships, and complete quests in an epic journey across the Galaxy.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition

Boldly celebrate 50 years of Star Trek when you answer 1,200 questions from all 5 Star Trek television shows and the first 10 Star Trek movies. Categories include: Crew Members, Locations, Starfleet, Aliens, Ships and Science & Technology. The cards and die store inside a collectible Shuttlecraft case.

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space: Ultimate Edition

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space is a card game of strategy and bluff set on a badly damaged deep space research ship. On-board systems have failed, plunging the ship into darkness. But even worse: A mysterious alien plague has crept aboard and is transforming the human crew into horrendous monsters! The remaining crewmen desperately try to save their lives by escaping from the derelict spaceship, but in the darkness the aliens are lurking…hungry for human flesh.

The game is played on a hexagon-based map that represents the spaceship. Each player is given a map sheet and a pencil. Map sheets must be of the same zone, and every zone has its specific name. Starting from the first player and continuing clockwise, every turn, each player must make a movement. To do so, the player must write on their map sheet the coordinates of the sector to which they are moving. Every time the players move to the gray (dangerous) sectors they have to draw a card; these cards make the players tell the others their position or lie about it, depending on the card. Every card is kept secret from other players.

The humans’ objective is to save themselves using the escape hatches, while the aliens’ objective is to hunt down the humans. Each player’s identity and position is kept secret; you will need to interpret the movements and behaviors of the other players to learn who and where they really are.

The Ultimate Edition features content from both the standard and limited edition previously released, including all the characters and the items. You will also have access to all the released maps through this website. On top of that, we perfected the game manual to address some of the complaints players had with the previous edition, and we feature higher quality materials. Specifically:

– The maps are laminated for reuse and the box includes 8 dry erase markers!

– We are including all five maps from the previous Limited Edition of EFTAIOS (not available anywhere else), a new exclusive map designed by the original authors of the game, plus two more picked from previous expansions, for a total of eight maps.

– The contains 102cards [89mm x 57mm, 300gsm], including all 16 characters, the 2 exclusive items from the Limited Edition (Sensor and Clone), plus 2 completely new items: Cat and Mutation

– The box will be 279mm x 216mm x 50mm!

– The new edition includes different special powers for all the characters to make every play even more varied and exciting.


Citadel Gemstone Paint Collection

Gemstone Paint Collection

Do you have gemstones to paint? This is the perfect paint bundle for you, containing every paint you need. A pot of the Stormhost Silver Layer paint and a pot each of Spiritstone Red, Soulstone Blue and Waystone Green – Citadel Technical Gel paints expressly designed to make gemstones glitter and shine!


Citadel Metallic Paint Collection

Metallic Paint Collection

Should you be looking to paint great-looking metal effects on your miniatures, this is the bundle for you. A selection of metallic Citadel Layer paints and Gloss Shade paints, they’ll help you to get a shiny metal effect on any miniature you please. The seven included paints:

Skullcrusher Brass
Fulgurite Copper
Stormhost Silver
Liberator Gold
Nuln Oil Gloss
Agrax Earthshade Gloss
Reikland Fleshshade Gloss


Sector Imperialis Large Base Detail Kit

Sector Imperialis Large Base Detail Kit

Designed to match and complement the Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis gameboard, the Large Base Detail Kit is perfect for large models such as the Imperial Knight Warden.

Contained in the box you’ll 72 bits of rubble, pieces that evoke broken examples from the Sector Imperialis gameboard, with skulls and aquilas adequately represented.

Sector Imperialis 32mm Round Bases

Sector Imperialis 32mm Round Bases

Designed to match and complement the Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis gameboard, these highly detailed plastic bases are ideal for the infantry in your Warhammer 40,000 collection. You’ll receive 60 32mm Round bases – these moulded bases will help you theme your armies to match the Sector Imperialis!

Sector Imperialis 60mm Round, 75mm Oval & 90mm Oval Bases

Sector Imperialis 60mm Round, 75mm Oval & 90mm Oval Bases

Designed to match and complement the Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis gameboard, these highly detailed plastic bases are ideal for the bikes, cavalry and monsters in your Warhammer 40,000 collection. You’ll receive 6 60mm Round bases, 6 75mm Oval bases and 6 90mm Oval bases – these moulded bases will help you theme your armies to match the Sector Imperialis!

Sector Imperialis 25 & 40mm Round Bases

Sector Imperialis 25 & 40mm Round Bases

Designed to match and complement the Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis gameboard, these awesome, highly detailed plastic bases are ideal for the infantry in your Warhammer 40,000 collection. You’ll receive 40 25mm Round bases and 20 40mm Round bases, with 32 extra skulls for decoration – these moulded bases will help you theme your armies to match the Sector Imperialis!


Eldritch Horror: Signs of Carcosa

Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies
But stranger still is
Lost Carcosa.
–Cassilda’s Song in The King in Yellow, Act I, Scene 2

Signs of Carcosa, a new expansion for Eldritch Horror is now at The Wandering Dragon!

You live in an oblivious world, a world uncaring of anything outside the rims of its myopic gaze. After all, why should people look beyond? It seems that every day, scientists pioneer new advancements and develop new technologies, bringing the solid touch of reason to even the most unexplainable phenomena. Yet despite this daily triumph of the rational mind, madness creeps through the cracks at the edges of the world.

Beneath the light of a gibbous moon, poets and artists pen strange verse and weave arcane sigils into their paintings. The Unspeakable One is entering the world, his horrid city is tearing its way through dimensions, and as it does so, more and more humans succumb to a mindless insanity. The very people you have sworn to protect may come padding after you on a cursed night, knife in hand and the light of evil stars gleaming in their eyes. Whether you’re walking along the streets of Tokyo or through trackless jungles in the heart of Africa, you may be forced to choose between the people close to you and the people of the world. 

Signs of Carcosa is a new expansion for Eldritch Horror, and within, you’ll find enough madness to influence all of your games. Hastur enters the game as a new Ancient One, spreading insanity and dissension. Against this foul abomination from Aldebaran, four new investigators join the fight to save the world. A host of new Encounter cards for every continent ensure that fresh adventures are always around the corner, even as a wealth of new conditions, spells, assets, artifacts, and Mythos cards draw you deeper into a world of madness and fear.

Do Not Speak His Name

Your life used to be the same as the lives of the people you pass on the street, before you first saw the sign. Now, you see it everywhere: in a seemingly-happenstance arrangement of sticks, in the lines of an old man’s face, in the flow of raindrops on the window of your automobile. At night, you see it in your dreams—the same sign, dripping yellow. Tomorrow, you will attend the theater, and at the last showing of The King in Yellow, you will find the truth, and end this torment.

The Unspeakable One begins to push its way into our world in the Signs of Carcosa expansion. Yet Hastur’s approach doesn’t exhibit the brute force of an Ancient One like Azathoth or Cthulhu—Hastur is far more insidious and prefers to approach through whelming tides of madness. Hastur enters your games of Eldritch Horror as an entirely new Ancient One that you can battle as you attempt to solve terrible mysteries such as Finding the Way,  which requires you not only to delve into Hastur’s twisted designs, but to claim the Key to Carcosa and journey into the domain of the King in Yellow. 

Your struggles against Hastur will soon force you to make choices you had hoped to avoid forever. Monsters may incubate within your body,  slowly devouring you from within, and only a pact made with dark powers can save you—unless it’s all a figment of your tortured imagination. You may seem to hear the soul-chilling shriek of a byakheethat echoes through the fog to your ship. You may even strike a deal with the darkness in exchange for the promise of future power.

There Is a Madness in His Methods

Though the grip of madness is tightening, the world is not without defense. Against both elder gods and horrifying monsters, a few brave humans are willing to make a stand and, in all likelihood, cast away their lives for the good of all. 

Four new investigators join the struggle against Hastur in Signs of Carcosa: Dexter Drake, Jenny Barnes, Michael McGlen, and Wendy Adams. Each of these investigators has unique talents and abilities that we’ll explore in future previews, but few are more adept with the arcane arts than Dexter Drake. 

This soldier-turned-magician has a natural flair for showmanship, and in the wake of the Great War, he turned to the stage to make his living. Of course, it proved impossible to learn illusions and deception without picking up a great deal of real occult knowledge. Now, Dexter Drake still travels the world, using his shows as a front for his work battling the minions of Hastur. 

When you play as Dexter Drake, you can use his magical abilities to banish a monster to another Gate, even on the other side of the globe. You’re also able to easily pick up the difficult gestures and words that accompany your magic, which allows you to gain spells much faster than other investigators. Dexter Drake even starts the game with a copy of the new Binding spell, which can dramatically reduce the damage that a monster deals to you or another investigator. Like all spells, however, casting Binding may demand a terrible price for the power it grants you. 

The Mystery of the Hyades

In the lost city of Carcosa, Hastur lies in his dark prison, awaiting the day when he can break free and consume the corrupt cities of Earth with his power. A few brave men and women have seen the threat beyond the veil, but are even they truly sane? To battle the might of Hastur, you too must take your first steps along the seductive path to madness. 

Look for the Yellow Sign and the Signs of Carcosa expansion now at The Wandering Dragon!

Star Wars: Force and Destiny-Savage Spirits

“The light—it’s always been there. It’ll guide you.”
–Maz Kanata, The Force Awakens 

The Force drives some to become Guardians, stalwart protectors of those in need. Others, it shapes into Warriors, military leaders eager to take the front lines. Others are turned by the Force towards medicine and diplomacy. And others, the Force leads on a relentless journey across the galaxy and deep into unexplored wildernesses. Known as Seekers, these pragmatic Force users live by their own rules, relying wholly on their own strengths, wits, and powers to survive. To guide these independent galactic wanderers, we have crafted Savage Spirits, an upcoming sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game.

In Savage Spirits, players will find new Seeker specializations, backgrounds, Moralities, and signature abilities, as well as copious amounts of survival and medical gear. Three more playable species are introduced to the Force and Destiny™ system, and a new Force power gives PCs the ability to see at great distances, even when their physical eyes are blinded. For Game Masters, Savage Spirits features expanded rules for wilderness settings and survival, along with outlines for Seeker-focused adventures and campaigns.

Natural Talents

Because Seekers mostly operate away from the comforts and supports of civilization, they depend on their skills and talents for every aspect of their survival, whether that means tracking animals, making shelter, or even, when necessary, killing adversaries. One of the specializations introduced in Savage Spirits, Executioner, is dedicated exactly to that. Executioners are apex predators, disciplined and shrewd, preferring to kill at range and eliminate the target without resistance.

While Executioners are dedicated to their targets, Navigators focus more on the journey than any outcome. They enjoy the thrill of discovery above all else, whether that discovery is a shortened trade route or an uncharted planet. As a Navigator, your abilities in Astrogation and Survival are second only to your high Perception, which is as useful for mapping the galaxy as it is tracking animals or finding your way through an urban labyrinth.

Seekers tend to be solitary by nature, but those with the Hermit specialization have taken that solitude to an extreme. Hermits isolate themselves in order to commune with the living Force, which enhances their survival skills, their understanding of nature, and their bonds with animals. When they choose to relinquish solitary life and join a group, Hermits help their companions to survive in wildernesses that, to Hermits, feel like home.

Beasts of No Nation

Regardless of specialization or career, the wildness is an excellent hiding place for a group of fugitive Force sensitives. But while you’ll find fewer Imperials and political conflicts in the wild, you will undoubtedly meet some wild animals who may think of you as prey, predator, or ally. Savage Spirits includes a bestiary of new creatures, from Dantooine’s horned kath hounds and the feral, predatory vrblthers of Nar Shaddaa to darting Spintiri glowbats and pouncing nexu. Along with rules for taming and riding these beasts, you’ll find guidelines for managing animals companions, should one of your party manage to permanently befriend a Mantellian flutterplume.

Savage Spirits also offers players a wide variety of gear to combat the challenges of life in the wilderness, gear which may prove just as useful in an urban jungle. The Field Sports Compound Bow, for example, offers the precision and silence of a sniper rifle at much less the cost, with a selection of arrows that can stun, capture, or ignite your target. Much more expensive is the optical camouflage system armor upgrade, which renders you nearly invisible to the naked eye and also shields any heat or radiation you are giving off. With this upgrade activated, you could explore Hutt palaces, planetary capitals, and even Imperial bases without fear of being seen.

Roads Less Traveled

Any party with a Seeker in it is bound to explore some unusual places. In Savage Spirits, GMs will find three short, Seeker-centered adventures that take players to a remote Outer Rim settlement, the Deep Core, or the planetary wilds chosen by the GM. Three campaign outlines are also included that offer Seekers starring roles in journeys across theStar Wars galaxy that take them from the desert wreckage of a crashed starship all the way to Dathomir and  eventually home—wherever that may be.

Of course, your party may already have a goal that shapes its wandering. Many characters in Force and Destiny are searching for the knowledge of the Force that was lost when the Jedi Order was extinguished, hoping that greater knowledge and power will enable them to fulfill their destiny. The upcoming Nexus of Power sourcebook offers gazeteers for all the legendary destinations that your party may wish to visit: Dagobah, Ilum, Ossus, the abandoned Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and more. Together, Nexus of Power and Savage Spirits provide enough content to satisfy your Seeker’s wanderlust and introduce your party to more incredible places and experiences than ever before.

Will Light Guide You—or Dark?

As a Seeker or any other Force sensitive, you have no choice but to embark upon your destined journey. The Force will set you on that path whether you desire it or not, as it did with Luke Skywalker, as it did with his father Anakin, as it did with Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano, and so many before them. But you’ll soon find that at the heart of that journey is a relentless question: is the dark side or the light your guide? Will you live in tune with the living Force, as at home in the wilderness as in the comforts of a city, or will you choose instead to seek and destroy, succumbing to the thrill of the hunt and the allure of power?

Savage Spirits is now at The Wandering Dragon!