WarQuest and LE Expansion Bundle Set are now at The Wandering Dragon!


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WarQuest is a game of grand strategy, conquest, and heroic quests in the fantasy world of Myrathia designed by Glenn Drover with art by Ralph Horsley, Paul Niemeyer, and published by Mr. B Games and L4 Studios.

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Immerse yourself in this chaotic and mystical world! Take on the role of a warlord who seeks to reunite the fractured land under your banner. Recruit wood elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and beast-men to fill the ranks of your armies and engage in epic battles. Travel across the tormented lands in an effort to drive back chaos by completing desperate quests. Conquer and control strategic cities and regions, and if successful, declare yourself ruler of all Myrathia!


Limited Edition Expansion Bundle includes:

Wraith King Expansion
Elites Expansion
High Elves Expansion
Beastmen & Trolls Expansion
Exclusive Bugbears Expansion
Exclusive Wizards Expansion

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