Dragon OPS: Legend of the Five Rings Begins on 10/5!

Dragon OPS (Open Play System): Legend of the Five Rings

The Wandering Dragon’s Dragon OPS: Legend of the Five Rings program is a new take on Organized Play! This three week league allows players to just come out, play a great game… and receive exclusive, rare Promo Items!

You don’t have to win. Just have fun!

RSVP on our Meetup now!

Entry Fee: One time $55.00 fee which includes one L5R Core Set and all 3 weeks of the League.


Week One: Each player will receive a lanyard, badge, and clan sticker sheet!

We will also hold drawings for extended art Clan Champion Cards!

Week Two: Each player will receive an Alternate Art Imperial Favor Card!

We will also hold drawings for a Textless, Extended Art Clan Champion Prize Card!

Week Three: Each player will receive an exclusive commemorative pin depicting the five elemental rings!

The only way to get these Rare Exclusives is to play in the Events and seating is limited, so RSVP now!

Dragon OPS: Legend of the Five Rings is a casual open play event, where you can find other interested Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game players and invite them to play with you! Open your Core Set, and use the included Learn to Play guide to begin your journey in Rokugan. Help each other select a clan and Keeper or Seeker role, and then build a 30-card Dynasty deck, a 30-card Conflict deck, and choose five provinces.

You could also work on full decks built with the Keeper or Seeker roles chosen at the Winter Court World Championships! You will need at least two Core Sets to build Dynasty and Conflict decks with 40 to 45 cards each and must use the role assigned to your clan.

Sharpen your skills and get ready for even more Legend of the Five Rings events at The Wandering Dragon!

Legend of the Five Rings

The Emerald Empire of Rokugan. It is a land upheld by honor, guided by fate, ruled by destiny. The Great Clans each support the Emperor, but inter-clan conflict is inevitable—both in the Emperor’s courts and on the battlefield. In the midst of danger and turmoil, honor must be your sword and your armor.

Enter the vibrant world of Rokugan with Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, a Living Card Game of honor and conflict for two players! Drawing on the legacy of AEG’s original Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game, and now reimagined with new mechanics, story, and the Living Card Game distribution model, you are invited to join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfill your duty to your daimyō and the Emperor in a world shaped and changed by a dynamic, player-influenced story.

During the game, you take on the leadership of one of the Great Clans which define Rokugani society, and you are cast into conflict against another clan. Your conflicts will decide the future of Rokugan, whether you’re battling with a katana or with cutting words, but the samurai of your clan cannot remain by your side indefinitely—when their destinies are fulfilled, you must find new allies to continue your conflicts. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you will fight with honor or use unsavory means, but in every game, it is your role to lead your clan to victory.