KeyForge: Discovery League Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

KeyForge: Discovery League


Starting on Monday, December 3rd, the KeyForge: Discovery League is a great way to come out, meet new players, get some fantastic prizes and have a great time playing this awesome new Unique Deck Game. The League will run on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through January 5th, 2019. Players can meetup on these nights and play as many games as they would like in a casual, open play format.

Players can communicate and coordinate with each other both on ourĀ Meetup or on the Wandering Dragon’s new KeyForge Facebook Group.
It’s easy, the first night you come out to play, you will pay a one time $30 Entry Fee which will get you the beautiful KeyForge Playmat, then each additional event you participate, you will receive a different set of prizes depending on what you have already received. It doesn’t matter which night you come out, the first five nights you attend, you pick your prizes from the categories below (one prize category max per player during the league):

1st Participation Event = 1 x Playmat
2nd Participating Event = 1 x Metal Damage Token Set
3rd Participating Event = 6 x Stun Card
4th Participating Event = 6 x Power Card
5th Participating Event = 1 x 7 Different House/Chain Tracker Cards

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