West End Games Star Wars RPG – Shattered Galaxy Begins on 3/4!

West End Star Wars RPG – Shattered Galaxy
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Every Monday Night starting on 3/4 at The Wandering Dragon!

Seating is limited. RSVP on our Meetup now!

West End Games Star Wars RPG – Shattered Galaxy

The Galactic Emperor has been slain at the Battle of Endor against the Rebel Alliance. The galaxy celebrates the demise of its oppressor. However, the festivities are short lived when true agendas and other power hungry leaders make a move to fill the void.

The Empire has lost it’s top leader and now the remaining officials race to salvage what is left to bring the crippled Empire back from the brink of collapse. Among these would be leaders is the unofficial adopted daughter of Emperor Palpetine himself. She is Mirianna Palpetine and is making her move to fill the vacuum left by the death of the Emperor.

She believes the lie the Empire was built on whole hardheartedly. She believes that in order to maintain peace and security in the galaxy that a dictator is indeed required to make decisions without having to get bogged down by bureaucracy and other policies.

Considering the other views are more focused on exploiting the weak, Mirianna comes up as the most desirable leader to those who believed the Empire was what the galaxy needed. Commander Richard Tavoes is a well known and reputable imperial commander and strategist who has chosen to support Mirianna’s claims to leadership along with a few other imperial leaders.

You are imperial agents who strongly believed the Empire has been good for the galaxy and are still willing to support it as long as the new leader is the kind you can back. Mirianna is just that for you and so you pledge your loyalty to her.

You will be receiving missions to work against the other imperial rivals and the other factions rising up in the galaxy. These will largely include spying and espionage as well at surgical strikes.

When designing characters it is best to form a backstory that supports originally joining the Empire and why your character chooses to pledge loyalty to Mirianna.

Participation in this event requires the purchase of the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition from the Wandering Dragon. If you have already purchased your book elsewhere please email us at Info@WanderingDragon.com to inquire about availability.