Citadel Contrast Colors! The New Citadel Colour Range is Now Available at The Wandering Dragon!

It’s here and it’s full…for now. šŸ˜‰

The new Citadel Colour Range is now at The Wandering Dragon! We have the complete line, preorders are covered and we even received our full reorder already! So we are good to go, for a little while anyway. šŸ˜‰


The Citadel Colour Range

  • Spray (62-xx): 11 colorsĀ in 400ml spray cans, designed to be the undercoat for your models.
  • Base (21-xx): 53 colorsĀ in 12ml pots, designed to give a strong foundation for successive stages, specially formulated to provide rich pigment and excellent coverage.
  • Shade (24-xx): 15 colorsĀ in 24ml pots, designed to bring out subtle details and textures by running into the recesses, creating effective shading with minimal effort.
  • ContrastĀ (29-xx): 34 colorsĀ in 18ml pots, designed to be applied over a light coloredĀ undercoat to create the effect of a Base and Shade in one application.
  • Layer (22-xx): 93 colorsĀ in 12ml pots, designed to be painted over a Base orĀ ContrastĀ paint to create realistic highlights on a model.
  • Dry (23-xx): 31 colorsĀ in 12ml pots, designed with lots of pigment and very little liquid, to highlight raised details quickly using Citadel Drybrushes.
  • Air (28-xx): 78 colorsĀ in 24ml pots, taken from the Base and Shade ranges, formulated for use with an air brush.
  • Technical (27-xx): 25 specializedĀ paints to help you achieve a range of different effects including dripping blood, textured bases, and finishing varnishes.