MTG: Oathbreaker Events Begin on July 15th at The Wandering Dragon!


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Oathbreaker is a fun, fast, and casual multiplayer format where Planeswalkers rule! Choose a Planeswalker as your Oathbreaker, then select an instant or sorcery card as your signature spell. Armed with the rest of your 60 card singleton deck, battle it out with friends in 30-60 minute games in this format!

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Basic Rules
Each player’s deck is exactly 60 cards. Other than basic lands, no card may appear in a deck more than once.

Before the game begins, each player designates a planeswalker card in their deck as their Oathbreaker and one instant or sorcery spell as their Oathbreaker’s Signature Spell. These cards begin the game in the Command Zone and the other 58 cards are shuffled up. Each player begins the game at 20 life.

The color identity that appears on your Oathbreaker dictates what cards may be in your deck. Cards that contain a color that is not in your Oathbreaker’s color identity can’t be in your deck.

You may cast your Oathbreaker from the Command Zone. Doing so costs an additional two generic mana for each time it’s been previously cast from the Command Zone. The same applies to your Signature Spell, but your Oathbreaker must also be on the battlefield under your control as you cast it.

If your Oathbreaker changes zones, you may return it to the Command Zone. The Signature Spell must return to the Command Zone.

Prizes: Booster Packs depending on player turnout.