The Wandering Dragon’s Pop-Up Gen Con at a Glance!

Get your badge and head out to The Wandering Dragon starting at 1:00 pm on 8/2 to join in the very first Pop-Up Gen Con! New Releases, Prize Drawings, Pop-Up Gen Con Sale, New and Unreleased Game Demos, Food and Drink Specials and More. All this weekend at The Wandering Dragon!

Pop Up Gen Con Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe

The Wandering Dragon’s Pop-Up Gen Con at a glance:

Gen Con Release Game Demos all Weekend! 
Be one of the first to play these great new games! Pop-Up Gen Con Badge required for all events and specials.  Check and our Meetup for all times and details.

Click here to register and reserve your Pop-Up Gen Con 2019 Badge!

Hourly Prize Drawing*:

We will be drawing for four great games each day. Starting at 6:00pm on Friday and Saturday and 1:00pm on Sunday, for every game you play in at Pop-Up Gen Con you will receive a raffle ticket. Drawings will begin at 7:05pm on Friday and Saturday and 2:05pm on Sunday. Drawing boxes will be emptied and new tickets entered each day.
6:00pm-10:00pm Friday and Saturday
1:00pm-5:00pm Sunday
*Must be present to win
Food and Drink Specials at Station One Smokehouse across the street (PopUp Gen Con Badge required):

Lord of the Wings ($8.99):

One pound of Jumbo Smoked Buffalo Wings and FREE small side!
Dragonfire ($7.00):

This fiery concoction is a mixture of Tequila, infused with strawberry and jalapeno, Fireball, and Blood Orange Ginger Beer and served in a double Old Fashion glass!

Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe Pop-Up Gen Con Sale (1)

The Wandering Dragon’s PopUp Gen Con Weekend Sale:

15% off almost everything in the shoppe
30% off almost everything in the shoppe with valid PopUp Gen Con Badge
Gen Con Early Release Games Available at The Wandering Dragon on 8/1:
Image result for dc deck building game rebirth
DC Deck Building Game: Rebirth
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth – Villains of Eriador Figure Pack
Ticket to Ride 15th Anniversary
Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates
Escape the Dark Castle
Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook and Bestiary
Zombicide: Invader 
Terror Below 
Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer
We’re Doomed!
Edge of Darkness 
Smash Up: World Tour – Culture Shock
Walking in Burano
Point Salad