The Wandering Dragon’s 2019 KeyForge Store Championship on 11/17!

The Wandering Dragon’s 2019 KeyForge Store Championship

Date: Sunday, November 17th

Time: 11:30 AM Start (Registration begins at 11:00 AM)

Where: The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe

Format: Archon (Solo)

Player Cap: 32

Cost: $10.00

Come play for the honor of your houses in our KeyForge Prime Championship! Bring your favorite Archon deck and be ready for a day of battle.

For simply participating in The Wandering Dragon’s Store Championship, you automatically receive five Æmbershards! You’ll also gain extra shards for each win, with a sizable portion of Æmbershards depending on your overall placement at the Store Championship. The fearsome Archon that claims victory over all others at the event will walk away with an additional 40 Æmbershards! And even beyond these digital rewards, of course, there’s the prize kit itself.

The Top 32 players will receive a Chain Tracker featuring the ever-volatile Brobnar goblin, Bingle Bangbang (Age of Ascension, 2). The Top 8 players will also receive a deck box featuring Bingle Bangbang and a pair of brawny arm-wrestling Brobnar from the action card, Might Makes Right (Age of Ascension, 43).

The Top 4 players gain five acrylic power tokens, as well as a Bingle Bangbang playmat. In addition to everything else, and the hefty load of Æmbershards, the winner of the Store Championship also walks away with a unique set of Bingle Bangbang card sleeves.

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