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Wednesday Night Discord D&D 5E: Shipwrecked

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Wednesday Night Discord D&D 5E: Shipwrecked

Fate. Do we make our own or is it of cosmic design? These are questions for philosophers, not for simple galley slaves. Rowing oars is all that life has in store for you. It seems like you have been a slave of the Imperials for an eternity. Who knows how long it has been, when one minute stretches on for days and one day for years. All of a sudden, you are snapped out of your fitful slumber by rolling waves and booming thunder. This is no simple storm. This is Fate knocking on your door. Will you answer?

This game will have you start out as a prisoner of the Empire, when the ship you are on crashes on a deserted and mysterious island. You will have to explore its mysteries and somehow find your way home.

Things to know:

1.) Combat will be through the ‘Theatre of the Mind’.

2.) You can make any type of character you want. It does not have to be perfectly suited to a survival campaign. It might be more fun finding your way ill prepared for the adventure.

3.) You may use any of the officially published D & D 5th edition books.

4.) Starting equipment will be limited to torn clothes and a spell focus or ‘spellbook’. You will have to craft or find additional equipment.

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