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Warlock Dungeon Tile System

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After a year of R&D, Wizkids has perfected the dungeon tile!

The WarLock Dungeon Tile system solves many of the problems present with other tile systems. The WarLock clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed. 1” tall walls make it easier for players to move pieces around in the room as they play. Offset walls provide you with the ability to place figures in any square on the grid, without pesky corners eating into your play area. Experience a perfect, continuous grid through the entire play space with our patented, modular, ultra-slim interior walls. Additionally, all tiles are reversible with wood design on one side and stone on the other for double the functionality!

Wizkids also included adaptor clips for two of the most popular clip-based tile systems, DRAGONLOCK and OpenLOCK, to help players integrate these tiles into their collection.


Warlock Tiles: Dungeon Tiles I Core Set

WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Tiles I

26 2”x2” Dual-Sided Tiles
4 4”x4” Dual-Sided Tiles
2 2”x8” Dual-Sided Tiles
16 2” Straight Stone Walls
16 2” Straight Stone Interior Walls
4 1” Exterior Wall Doors
1 2” Exterior Wall Door
1 1” Stone Interior Wall Door
4 Corner Pillars
6 Inside Corner Stone Walls
6 Outside Corner Stone Walls
40 Stone Edge Caps
90 WarLock Clips
20 DRAGONLOCK Adapter Clips
20 OpenLOCK Adapter Clips

WarLock Tiles: Town & Village

WarLock Tiles: Town & Village

With Town & Village, you’ll have everything you need for a town or village adventure scenario. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups.

WarLock Tiles: Summoning Circles

WarLock Tiles: Summoning Circles

They light up!

Summoners rejoice! For the first time, WizKids has brought you a way to take your summoning skills to the next level with WarLock Tiles: Summoning Circles, an all-new way to experience summoning in your campaign. This magical set comes pre-painted with intricate otherworldly designs, and features LED light-up bases in different colors to represent five unique types of summoning circles, including the Arcane Circle, the Holy Circle, the Whirling Circle, and more!

Bring demons to life, create mystical traps, prevent your enemies from reaching you, or even open a portal to another world with these extraordinarily-defined circles, which are 100% compatible with WarLock floor tiles. What will you create?

WarLock Tiles - Summoning Circles | Ozzie Collectables

1 Light-up LED 4×4 WarLock Tile
1 Arcane Circle
1 Druid Circle
1 Demonic Circle
1 Holy Circle
1 Whirling Circle

WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I

WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I

WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I adds more of the essentials to build out your gameplay environment. More walls, clips, doors, and pillars to build more complex dungeons and scenarios. Fully compatible with all other WarLock Tile products.

4 2” Straight Stone Walls
3 2” Straight Plaster Walls
4 2” Straight Stone Interior Walls
6 2” Straight Plaster Interior Walls
1 1” Exterior Stone Wall Doors
1 1” Exterior Plaster Wall Doors
1 2” Exterior Stone Wall Door
1 2” Exterior Plaster Wall Door
2 1” Stone Interior Wall Door
2 1” Plaster Interior Wall Door
4 Stone Corner Pillars
4 Wood Corner Pillars
1 Inside Corner, Stone Wall
1 Inside Corner, Plaster Wall
1 Outside Corner Stone Wall
1 Outside Corner Plaster Wall
50 WarLock Clips

WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways

WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways

With Doors & Archways, you’ll have everything you need for multi-room adventure scenarios. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups!

Doors & Archways is compatible with most 3D terrain sets and features an integrated clear plastic base that sit on top of tiles, vinyl maps or tabletop for ultimate flexibility in gaming.

2 Wooden Door
2 Iron Door
2 Cell Door
2 Hatch Door
1 Secret Door
1 Sewer Entrance
1 Stone Door
1 Iron Double Door
1 Wooden Double Door
1 Iron Portcullis

WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways | Accessories & Supplies ...

WarLock Tiles: Stairs & Ladders

WarLock Tiles: Stairs & Ladders

With Stairs & Ladders, you’ll have everything you need for a multi-floored scenario. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups.

2 Staircase to Landing (Stone)
2 Staircase to Landing (Wood)
2 Elevated Staircase from Landing (Stone)
2 Elevated Staircase from Landing (Wood)
2 Single Staircase (Wood)
2 Spiral Staircase (Stone)
2 Elevated Staircase (Wood)
2 Single Staircase (Stone)
2 Elevated Staircase (Stone)
2 Wooden Ladder
2 Large Ladder

WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings

WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings

Build the dungeon of your dreams with WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings! This set of decorative items, including boulders, beds, and an altar and more! Dungeon Dressings provides a variety of options for creating unique and immersive dungeons for your players to experience. Will you create an elegant vampire’s lair with statues, treasure, and a grand throne? Maybe you’ll create a devilishly dangerous maze with the pit trap and the Cheval de Frise? Design your adventure with WarLock™ Tiles: Dungeon Dressings. Where will your campaign lead you?

4 Chairs
2 Round Tables
3 Crates
1 Bed
1 Throne
2 Treasure Chests
1 Boulder
2 Stools
1 Cheval de Frise
2 Benches
1 Pile of Rubble
1 Kegs
1 Treasure Pile
1 Generic Statue
1 Altar
4 Barrels
1 Long Table
2 Pit Traps

This is just to show some of the available Dungeon Dressings. Walls, Doors and Floors Sold Separately.

WarLock Tiles: WarLock Clips

WarLock Tiles: WarLock Clips
WarLock Tiles: WarLock Clips adds more clips for replacement clips that work with all WarLock Tile products.

Unmatched: Cobble & Fog

In battle, there are no equals.

Unmatched: Cobble & Fog features four new heroes for the Unmatched system. Invisible Man uses fog to dart around the board and strike without warning. Sherlock, with the trusty Watson by his side, schemes and calculates to ensure victory. Dracula and the sisters slowly drain you of your power. Jekyll & Hyde uses the former’s cunning and the latter’s brute strength to win the day.

Unmatched is a highly asymmetrical miniature fighting game for two or four players. Each hero is represented by a unique deck designed to evoke their style and legend. Tactical movement and no-luck combat resolution create a unique play experience that rewards expertise, but just when you’ve mastered one set, new heroes arrive to provide all new match-ups.

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