Dungeon Crusade is Now at The Wandering Dragon!

Dungeon Crusade: Master of the Realm Edition

Front cover art for Dungeon Crusade

Welcome to the world of Avalon!

Dungeon Crusade is a solo/co-operative, sandbox dungeon crawl. Inspired by the classic age of board games, role-playing games and video games but fitted with new and fresh mechanics.

Dungeon Crusade - Book I: Genesis of Evil by Groovus Games Unlimited —  Kickstarter

In Dungeon Crusade your party will enter an ancient dungeon located beneath a village to stem the tide of evil beleaguering the poor villagers. Each time you visit you the dungeon you will have an over arching goal that you need to achieve, but you can also pick up side quests and even some odd jobs from the tavern to further modify your adventure!

6 stalwart Heroes are accompanied by their trusty fetch hound Albus. Each Hero has strengths and weakness’ and it is up to you to decide if you will split the party to cover more ground or stick together incase a larger threat presents itself…

ArtStation - Dungeon Crusade - The Tomb of Kaladar game board, Damien  Mammoliti

In the dungeon you will encounter wandering monsters who move about the board. Beware! These monsters might turn into raiding monsters and make their way to village.

You can mine for minerals to craft enhancements for your weapons. You can seek out and hunt down rare and legendary artifacts. You can send Albus back to the village to get a potion in a pinch.

Dungeon Crusade - Book I: Genesis of Evil by Groovus Games Unlimited —  Kickstarter

If your quest is successful then the village celebrates in your honor and throws you a grand feast and presents your party with gifts. You can shop around for new gear from the ever changing marketplace, gamble some gold in the house of chance, visit a temple and pray for assistance and more!

Don’t get too comfortable because evil never rests and you’ll find yourself back in the dungeon facing tougher challenges but hopefully better armed!– Less

Dungeon Crusade: Master of the Realm Edition is the definitive experience for Dungeon Crusade and includes:

The complete game of Dungeon Crusade. This is the entire game and provides you with hours of dungeon crawling fun. Also included. The Avalon Adventure Board game is an overworld adventure set in the mystical and ancient lands of Avalon. This is a pre-adventure where you are questing to find the 3 runes to shatter the curse on the dungeon door. Your experiences in The Avalon Adventure Board Game will carry over to the Dungeon Crusade game, whether that be loot you found or wounds you suffered.

The world of Avalon is brought to life by a beautiful hand drawn map made by Damien Mammoliti creator of the Collector’s Edition Map for The Witcher 3!

Avalon Game Board

49 Red Markers

9 Cardboard Tokens

50 Adventure Cards

Avalon Adventure Booklet

The Dungeon Board

Tower Attack (House of Chance game)

189 Loot Cards 

30 Blessing Cards

20 Celebration Day Cards

24 Ability Cards

26 Secret Room Cards

66 Gem Recipe Cards

6 Pickaxe Cards

36 Minion Cards

48 Champion Cards

32 Guardian Cards

70 Encounter Cards

30 Treasure Cards

120 Mining Cards

15 Main Quest Cards

5 Side Quest cards

6 Tavern Task Cards

36 Affliction Cards

276 Tokens 

40 Currency Tokens

10 Red Round Tokens

20 Damage Tokens

20 Lifeforce Tokens

44 Doors with plastic bases

32 Cardboard Standees with plastic bases

19 Dice

12 Hero Sheets

18 Plastic Clips

2 Albus cards

Dungeon UI Board

Village UI Board

Rule Book and Scenario book

The Expanded House of chance includes 3 additional games to be played when you go back to town.

The Adventures of Bravely the Knight:
In the Adventures of Bravely the Knight, descend with Bravely into a trap ridden, monster infested dungeon in an attempt to grab the treasure that resides within. Spin the spinner for Bravely’s movement, and prepare for a micro dungeon crawl! All gold you find, you keep! But if Bravely dies, you lose all the gold!

ArtStation - Dungeon Crusade mini games, Damien Mammoliti

Heroes vs Monsters:
Take control of 3 brave heroes in the form of a mage, warrior and archer, as they defend the Chapel of Light from the advancing monsters. Draw challenge cards, and set up the board with the monsters as instructed. Each challenge card gets tougher than the last. Heroes use action points to move and attack. How long can you hold off the advancing monsters with the valiant heroes?

Dungeon Crusade Heroes vs Monsters reveal - YouTube

Skull Jack:
Skull Jack is a simple form of blackjack. 2000 gold is placed in the bank at the start. Up to 3 heroes can play at once and can bet 200 gold per hand. If a hero has a winning hand, they will receive 400 gold! So put your gold on the table, grab a mug of ale and get to playing!

Damien Mammoliti on Twitter: "Game boards! Skull Jack + Heroes vs Monsters.  Illustrated for Dungeon Crusade on @kickstarter !… "

Skull Jack board
Heroes Vs. Monsters board
The Adventures of Bravely the Knight board
Deck of 52 playing cards
Deck of 8 challenge cards
1 Red Plastic Spinner
20 Cardboard Tokens
Expanded House of chance Booklet

Dungeon Crusade: Book I – Genesis of Evil | Image | BoardGameGeek
Dungeon Crusade: Master of the Realm Edition is now at The Wandering Dragon!