Sunday/Monday Discord D&D Events at The Wandering Dragon!


Sunday D&D Discord: The Island Helet

DM: Kara
Meets: Sunday’s (Starting 4/11) at 1:00 pm
Players: 4-7
Ages: 16+
The Island of Helet: A large island surrounded by fresh water, Helet is a country watched over by the five kingdoms, protected by the factions and guilds, and truly ruled over by a single powerful King who lives in the center. Adventuring isn’t just a career option, but A highly sought after title by any who can swing a sword or cast magic. With goblins to slay, temples to loot, and titles to earn, adventures can be anyone from a mercenary to merchant.

A simple campaign that is a classic fantasy D&D story with personalized character quests for each player and an underlying story beneath the surface for the players to complete after their character arcs.

Monday Night Discord D&D: Evarnus

DM: Kelsey
Meets: Monday Nights at 7:00 pm

Welcome to the world of Evarnus. It is a world that has not known magic for the last 1,000 years and has been thriving in peace since. However, a cataclysmic event occurs during the Festival of Peace to celebrate and mark the 1,000th anniversary of world peace. Creatures that had become myth immediately began terrorizing local towns. Those who were from the magic realm were brought back to the Material Plane of Evarnus and those who never knew magic awakened with powers they never knew they could have. Adventure through Evarnus as it evolves and adapts to the return of magic.

The game will be running on Foundry VTT, so full immersive experience, music, lighting effects etc.

Register Here:

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