Christmas Tree Dice Sets at The Wandering Dragon!

Each ring of these sets spins independently and is covered in numbers representing a specific die from a standard tabletop RPG set as follows, starting from the top: D4, D6, D8, D10, Percentile Die, D12, and D20. With a flick of a finger, each ring spins in a very satisfying fashion! Let momentum fade and use the arrow at the base of the tree, or stop them with a finger and use the number you are touching for your result!   Great addition for the any gamer’s holiday! As well as being a fun addition to role playing games, the Christmas Tree Dice can be used as dice for other family board games to get everyone into the holiday spirit. They also work on their own to help distribute gifts randomly or to play drinking games!

Choose from Forest Green, Green, Red, Blue, Silver or Gold!

Specifications and Features:  

Over 4″ Tall This Large Tree is a Great Centerpiece and a Joy to use  

Solid Aluminum at 3/4 of a Pound, it has a Sturdy High-Quality Feel  

Gift Box Included!